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Sarge [userpic]


June 8th, 2003 (12:58 pm)

current mood: indifferent
current song: Injected - Bullet

Of course my plans must change and I will arrive late to the paintball field. Well at least the mowers half way fixed (still need a kill cord) and I visited my father yesterday. LOL, the old guy is a manager at an apartment complex. Considering he can barely walk because of his blown knees it is a challenge. Helped him and his wife mow the grass around the complex and weedeat the rest.

Well, I'm mearly waiting for my mother to arrive so I can hand over my duties as house sitter and get the heck out of this cell phone signal eating black hole. LOL, unlimited weekend minutes and no signal to send them through....hehehe. After returning to my apartment I have the wonderful chore of loading up all my paintball equipment and heading out to the field...where finally I get to have some fun :). After a good day of trying to get a few welts I'm going to try and help a friend move his fish tanks so he can add a patio on the end of his trailer. He has actually planned ahead for this, for which I am thankfull because hauling a thirty gallon tanks full of gravel on its stand isn't my idea of fun. That and two ninty gallon tanks need to be emptied, which will not happen until I step foot on the premises, hehehe this day will be interesting. But I will have fun through hell or high water. That am I sure of.