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Sarge [userpic]

2 weeks = 2 days

August 10th, 2003 (11:10 am)

current mood: peaceful
current song: Savage Garden - To The Moon And Back

Today is the last day of my 2 week shift at work. I get TWO whole days off which will be taken up by me running my tookkiss off most of the time. It will be a fun two days though. I'll be getting my new roomate on tuesday. That should be interesting in and of its self. First off the roomate is female and secondaly the apartment is fairly small....Oye....Once a month there are going to be intense negotiations. LOL.


Posted by: FiFi/Faye/Faygo/Brat/Bitch (yellowdolphin)
Posted at: August 11th, 2003 03:30 am (UTC)
"we need to talk"

yea yea...the four most dreaded words. but seriously, we need to.

i have some things i need to get off my chest. and i need to tell you before i lose courage.

so when you get this, call me or if i'm online, write me.

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