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Life Update!

Just a quick update, I did not post here but I recently completed my duties as a Commissioner to my city to study the cities form of government and recommend things that would make the city run a bit more efficiently. Long story short it took two years of my life to put two ballot issues regarding the form of government on the previous ballot but both were shot down by the voters. Good news was the city did start implementing a few of our recommendations and it seems people are very happy with it, more on that in the future if I think about it or I'm asked.

This month has also brought two changes in the fact I joined my county Search and Rescue group. Along those lines I also took my Technician's test for Amateur Radio last week and passed it. Today I received my license from the FCC. What makes this so cool is my CSaR group uses high power radios during their operations and with my FCC license I can use my personal radio without it being an emergency. I'm feeling pretty great right now!
Tags: amateur radio, fcc, search and rescue

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