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Gonna start again...for real this time!

Heheheh, just a quick post to do a couple of updates. I'm pretty sure that the combination of news I'm going to give is not the weirdest but up there. #1 I have, #2 Getting married in a couple of months.

Why the braces? I was visiting the dentist and he suggested orthodontia due to the fact I currently have an over-bite that will, in the long run, cause me to lose a lot of my teeth. The fact that I evidently grind them during the night doesn't help at all I'm sure. While I was undergoing the process for brace fitting I also had a kind of a cat scan at another doctor of my throat to see if I needed jaw surgery as well. Yep, the overbite is causing a lot of the soft tissue to be forced back and is slowly closing off my breathing, yay, fun.

With the other news, I'm headed to Vegas next month to celebrated the last few weeks of being single. A few good friends will be joining and with the fact that I've never been there should make for some fun. I visited the Grand Canyon but never made it over to the other side of the state to see Vegas. Should be fun and I'm excited to go.

I will be going through pictures from the last time I posted my adventures out in the Pacific. I hope to jump start some journal writing again, and catch up the timeline from when I last left off. :D

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