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Sarge [userpic]

27 Days....

April 13th, 2010 (11:23 pm)

current location: United States, Florida, Pensacola
current mood: listless
current song: Evenescence - Imaginary

Enjoyed making co-workers mad today with that short statement...Heheheh. Beginning of deployment and everyone is having a grand time trying to not kill each other. Of course me smiling down the p-ways isn't helping anything.

Had an entire four hours of liberty the other day. Was able to download some pocket queries for our potential ports. Not expecting much this deployment caching-wise due to the fact I will be more focused on keeping my gear down to the minimum in order to fly out easier. The more I travel to the various caches the more I get trinkets, which are cool for friends and family but not so great on the pocket book trying to get home or as extra weight in my sea bag.

Pretty have everything planned for my pack out. Girlfriend always comments on me packing and repacking everything during my way too short visits back home. I guess I just like to know what I've got and want to make sure I can access everything I need when I need it. Right now everything I have fits in one sea bag with my civilian items nearly bursting my Oakley back pack...poor thing's been through hell and back and is finally starting to show some wear and tear. Still love it to death due to the fact I can stow nearly eighty pounds in the thing and still hike comfortably, ala Mount Kota Kinabalu.

New software came out for my triton 1500, I'm hoping it helps with battery life but I've not had a chance to install it yet but I'm excited to see the new units that Magellan is coming out with dedicated to caching as well. Though acquisition of one of them may have to wait until I see some good reviews...Once bitten twice shy, I had to wait for over a year in order to easily use my triton to cache, I was infuriated.

I will do my best in order to get you guys some good pictures before I head home for the last time. I will point over to my DA account when I upload new stuff, right now it has some quick snaps from my final days in Oahu but I'm hoping to add to that with some more exotic shots before my 27 days are done.