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Running up that hill...

Sorry for the neglect, I've finally managed to emerge triumphant from my battle with my commands administration(Admin) people and the personal support(PSD) people. Within the week my personal belongings will be packed up and I will have a little over a month before I see home for good this time. It has been quite the ride these past four years here in Hawaii, memories that I will take with me as I go forth and explore.

To say that I was depressed these past few weeks was a vast understatement. At every turn it seemed that the people that I delt with had to be beaten into submission for even simple tasks to be done. After an entire month of handing in paper work to my commands admin department I had expected some direction as to what I had to do to get my separation orders, last week I was informed that instead of getting my orders from admin I would have to make an appointment at PSD...with only two weeks before I had to leave and hopefully never return to the island. This information would've been nice two weeks before when I busted my ass trying to get all the paper work in to them and would've had a chance to space out my appointments...Nah, doesn't work that way.

I went into the personal property building today with the same attitude that I would have to kick and scream my way into a date with the movers. The lady at the front desk was the same one that I had talked to the previous Friday and during that conversation I was told that the only appointment avalible would be at the end of the week and the movers would need two weeks in order to come to my apartment to pack. This conversation was after four hours of hopping from PSD and customer service due to an issue with my terminal leave. I finally managed to convince her of the urgency of my situation and I walked into the personal property building this morning to set up my appointment.

The lady at the front desk warned me since I was a walk in that there was a chance that I would be there a while waiting for their morning appointments to clear. After filling out most of the paper work given to me for my vehicle and house hold goods I was surprised to be directed to someone to complete my appointment within five minutes of stepping foot in the building. When asked when I needed my move done I explained that I only had until the end of the month to do it in. The next question was if I wanted it done in a couple days, which totally took me by surprise since up until this time I was led to believe that it would take heaven and earth moving to get something like that done. Twenty minutes later I was shaking the clerks hand after resolving some questions about my vehicle move and I was out the door with a hop to my step and much of the weight removed from my shoulders.

This week I fully intend to further explore the island as I prepare the apartment for the movers. It has been raining fairly frequently but I think I should be able to find some geocaches and beaches to keep me entertained as my time here on the island comes to a close.

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