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Sarge [userpic]

Back Pedeling just a tad...

December 30th, 2009 (10:41 am)

current mood: amused
current song: Weird Al - The Night Santa Went Crazy

Been in a slight funk since my girlfriend left but it is slowly getting better. Another day till the New Year and the start of my countdown to freedom! Thought I would detail out my quest for #300 a little bit.

I was stoked to find that I would be able to hit three hundred before the holidays and very excited to see that another friend had decided to try out geocaching as well. The first stops for the last ten caches were with my friend as we revisited some of his past finds and made a few new ones near on of the island parks. A pee-wee football game was going on nearby as we started out and it was funny to watch how intensely the little ones played as they battled one another a crossed the field.

The next few led us into the park area, this place was huge! Twelve baseball fields, several tennis courts, soccer fields and many play areas for the little ones. This made it difficult sometimes to make a few of the finds due to the crowd. Our last try we set our selves up for failure as we tried to cut a crossed some tall grass to a cache that was just 800 feet away...Lesson learned, when the grass is taller then you, you should probably find another way...heheheh, cut up and very tired we u-turned and made our way out to stop at taco bell to celebrate the accomplishments we made that day.

The next four caches were a personal matter of honor on my part. There was a particular trail called The Ditch Diggers Trail that I had been on several times before but was not able to make any finds due to losing the trail, taking the wrong trail and gps misdirection. This time I was determined to complete it and a very long five miles later I added those caches to my find list ending up inside the ditch itself trying to probe the darkness for the last one, right after I found it I was so excited I neglected to duck on my way out and found out my rather hard noggin isn't as hard as the granite the ditch was carved out of...heheheh.

The last two caches found me back at the park that I had previously visited with my friend. I started out the day by replacing a log in on of my previous finds so that others could continue to enjoy the cache due to it's owner being deployed and his wife unable to make it out to do the replacement. This time the park was largely empty due to the weekday which made it a lot easier to find one of the caches we had to pass up previously due to a game being played by it. Again I found that I had to replace the log due to the original being full and I made my way to #300.

The last cache was one that my friend and I had tried to cut through the grass and reach but had failed. I took a lesson from battles fought before and here is the log for your enjoyment. Take care!

Toby's Walk #3 - The Pathtag Palace
"Only a few days before "Sarge104"erxes and "R.H"ydarnes asailed the side by side grass forces arrayed against us. Time and shear numbers went against us and we were forced back to rethink our battle plan. Many days were spent drawing up battle plans and scouting the area for our last and final attempt to claim "The Pathtag"rmopylae.
A lucky break came as "Google"phialtes notified me of another trail behind the forces against us. Alone I marched past the manned fortifications on my left and found the goat path leading right up to my goal. Pillaging the contents I placed my mark on this my 300th cache!

I really enjoyed the park and it was fun trying to figure out how to get to this cache. TFTC!"