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Sarge [userpic]

Catch up Ramblings

December 20th, 2009 (09:25 pm)

current location: United States, Hawaii, M C B H Kaneohe Bay
current mood: thoughtful
current song: cpu fan trying to cool off a hard working cpu

Early Christmas present in the form of my girlfriend came to visit last week. Was able to do quite a few things before she left. Right now I'm dealing with a messed up phone, seems I can start a conversation but sometimes it just cuts out, they can hear me but I cannot hear them. Tried to get a new phone today but T-mobile's new phones seem pretty flimsy and cheap regardless of the two hundred dollar price they put on them. Asked if they had my phone still in stock and the only color choices were purple and pink, neither bring out the color of my eyes ;).

Right now I just want to register a complaint. I discontinued my cable internet before the last deployment and when I returned and let a new roommate came to the apartment the decision was made to get wireless internet. I quickly found the quality of the product to be quite inferior to even what we get on ship. How is it that I can surf the web and get email when I'm off the coast of who knows where but I can't even get 56k out of a "supposed" 3G network? Argh! What really pisses me off is the fact that I have to fiddle with the modem every so often like a damn tv antenna just to get good reception. I'm living on a damn island, at one of the highest points....basic wave theory says I should be getting great reception from this POS!

Okay, *breath* now to what you all have been probably waiting for. My girlfriend was due to arrive in the next two days, I was also supposed to have duty the day I picked her up so I routed a leave chit a month in advance to the people that make the schedual for our ship board watches. The day right before I go on leave and I check the watch bill, I have one watch. I'm surprised to see that it is eight in the afternoon to midnight because I'm supposed to go on leave at four in the afternoon. I quickly found the person responsible for the watch bill and let them know I went on leave in the afternoon the next day. I was told that it would be handled, cool.

My duty day arrives and I checked the watch bill, I'm not on watch at all but I'm part of our inport emergancy teams, sounds good, there are a lot of people who can take my place when I leave on those so I go about my day. We have a scenario in the afternoon where we have to respond to a casuilty in the ship, I wasn't directly apart of the team sent to repair the casuilty so I mustered with the rest of the duty section till the drill was over and we would go over our lessons learned. To my surprise the watch bill cordinator pulls me over in front of one of my chiefs and starts to say that I had lied to him about not going to be on ship for that day. Surprised I responded that I informed him yesterday that I would be taking leave this day and that he was the first to see my leave chit about this as well. He responded that he had put me down as being in class for this day, I had nothing to say to this because I obviously can't write his itinerary, and further discussion wouldn't solve anything, so made my way back to my seat. My chief came to me afterwards to make sure that he understood what was going on and after explaining myself and what I had done to try and keep the situation from happening I was told that it would be handled.

Five minutes before going on leave the watch bill cordinator pulls me from cleaning stations and tells to meet with the force protection officer of another ship for a drill that they are having. Disguised and adrenilen pumping I ask for permission to come onboard the ship fully expecting to be stopped at the quarter deck since I really don't look like anyone from that ship. I make it on board and shortly after I met with the officer in charge of the drill. "Are you my infiltrator?" after nodding my confirmation I'm told to wait and be apprehended. Shortly after one of the saliors asks to see my ID and I'm told that I'm to be escorted off the ship. Every thing ends peacefully but I got a laugh as his shipmates gave him more of a hard time then they give the "suspect" since he refuses to follow the directions given him.

Finally free and on leave I get some rest and some random items from the store to try and make my girlfriends stay a little more enjoyable. At the airport I was able to meet her and surprised her with a Lai before taking her back to the apartment to meet the roomate and have dinner. Seems her flight was pretty bumpy so when the plane first touched down everyone started clapping, of course the clapping stopped immidiately after the plane started shuddering again before it settled down to land.

The day after she landed I took her on the trail behind my apartment for a "short" 4.5 mile hike...hehehe, we had fun finding most of the geocaches around the trail but just 100 feet away from the last cache she ran out of steam and had to stop for a while before we continued. The last cache was the one I enjoyed the most from the trail since it is in an unusual container and not placed like most of the other caches.

I also took her to a couple movies during her stay. The first was Everybody's Alright, really enjoyed the movie but drama really isn't my forte. Of course she had to beg and plead to go and see New Moon. The entire movie she revilled in my disgust, I usually don't say bad things about movies unless I've seen them but I never intend to see nor want to view any more of that crap. Batman calls shenanigans on your sparkely vampires! The books are not much better, my girlfriend would sneak some reading in while I was napping or if we were idle. After I started quoting from the book that is..."I groaned, but they didn't hear me." was a favorite of mine for a while...hehehe

The last day I took her around the island and we stopped by one of the blow holes to get our first earth cache, basically a geology lesson to claim credit for the find. While I was climbing the nearby rocks for another cache she also saw some of the large turtles that like to play around the island. Afterwards we spent some time at Wikiki and watched the sun go down.

Our final activity before she left was a haunted tour of the island. I am not sensitive to these things but she most definately is. During the day we had visited Pali Lookout and took in the great sight from high above the island. At night it was very interesting to go there again as the guide retold the story of the battle faught there. What made it even more interesting that there was also a probable murder that had happened just a week ago there as well. My girlfriend was very spooked and the pictures that people took did nothing to ease her feelings that the spirits were there. Me, it was my turn to have some fun leading her around the spooky places and watching her reaction. We also toured a grave site, a couple sacrificial areas, and the Chinese Children's cemetery. All and all a good experiance.