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Sarge [userpic]

December 18th, 2009 (02:33 pm)

current mood: lethargic
current song: Muse - Uprising

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

Last Monday I gave lord_aoshi a Dutch Oven (-10 points). In June I ruled Canada as a cruel and heartless dictator (-700 points). Last week I ruled Iran as a kind and benevolent dictator (700 points). In October I committed genocide... Sorry about that, jiro_yamada (-5000 points). In March I gave cranberryfo a wet willie, then I took it back (-5 points).

Overall, I've been naughty (-5015 points). For Christmas I deserve a spanking!


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In other news I will beging updating this journal again...been a bit busy but if you can't wait you can visit my DA page at http://sarge104.deviantart.com/ for some tasty pics of my various happenings :D