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Sarge [userpic]

All their best against our hulls...

November 22nd, 2009 (09:57 pm)

current location: Oahu
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I still live, sorry for not posting but since the return from deployment not much of note has happened. I still continue to geocache and I will probably do up a post of some of the more memorable caching experiences here in the coming week.

Now for something entirely different...(Story taken from my exploits in the game Sword of the Stars)

The people of Pascal journeyed out into the depths of space to brave the new frontier. Colonizing many planets they wondered if others were doing the same. The answer came in the form of another terran race lead by Gully Foyle, an association was negotiated and the two sides lived in peace for some time as they both expanded their respective boaders.

Developing technology at a rapid pace the people of Pascal began to become aware of a war between Gully Foyle and other terran people's lead by The Mule, and Khan Noonien Singh. Negotiations to form an Alliance were rebuffed and the people of Pascal faced their first war as their expeditionary forces came under heavy attack by their previous associate and the other factions. The first battle came unexpected as the expeditionary forces came upon a planet that was under contest by The Mule and Khan Noonien Singh. KNS forces quickly wiped out TM's and fell upon Pascal's forces dispite a fleet wide ceasefire order on the Pacal side. Heavy losses incurred brought the sleeping giant out of its slumber. Previous fleets of colony ships and cruiser and destroyer escorts gave way to mighty dreadnoughts heavily armed and out for blood.

GF forces sued for peace after two savage clashes which they violated soon after making an alliance with KNS. KNS forces also tried to use the guise of peace to sneak armed forces into Pascal territory. The people of Pascal fought back with the combined might of over sixty colonized planets. Mighty war fleets rushed to the front lines armed with distructive weapons, space and cloak penetrating sensors, and savage ships to take the opposing sides technology.

For over two hundred and eighty years the war has raged. GF and TM forces fell to Pascal weapons and the trechery of the KNS empire. The people of Pascal fought with bravery and distinction in every battle and dispite heavy losses in a few battles the war continues to push the KNS forces father and farther back from the home planet. Now over one hundred and thirty worlds fly the Pascal flag as mighty warships drift in silent vigal. Despite viral and suicide attacks from KNS forces the peoples determination has never wavered.

Fleet forces included 1328 destroyers, 2284 cruisers, and 430 dreadnoughts. Of these ships 1073 destroyers, 1322 crusiers and 356 dreadnoughts are still in service with a battle record of 1676 enemy destroyers, 842 enemy cruisers, and 261 enemy dreadnoughts killed in action spanning 250 worlds. Cries for peace from KNS forces fall on deaf ears for the memories of the brave expeditionary forces brutally destroyed under a flag of peace.