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Sarge [userpic]

'bout time...

September 23rd, 2009 (05:43 pm)

current mood: drained
current song: Battlestar Galatica

Been a bit since I updated so here I go. We made a brief stop in guam, so brief in fact that I really only had a chance to grab one cache and do some laundry before we pulled out. I would've liked a chance to explore guam a bit more but the fact that it is a more expensive version of Hawaii probably means I probably will not do it on my own.

After the ship pulled in to Pearl I had just enough time to move in a new roomate at my apartment before hopping on a plane for a long flight home. Of course after arriving back in the states I was dead tired but still managed to have a meal with my family and my girlfriend before we drove back to the house. On the way back we stopped a couple times for geocaches, one to drop off some travelers that I took with me or found on deployment, and another that had been placed in my home town just recently. It was a pleasent surprise to come up to the one that had been placed in my home town and find that we were the first to find it. I guess with the fuel prices the way they are people don't go out and just drive anymore.

The end of the week I got togeather with my girlfriends family to go to a Rinobucket concert. Think AC/DC type music and you have the sound they produce. That weekend I worked on the house with my mother and her boyfriend putting up some screen doors on the house. Later that night I went out with my girlfriend to the mountains to do some camping. We were joined by some friends and we enjoyed some BBQ'ed hamburgers and hotdogs and played some board games as the campfire burned nearby.

Later that next week I was able to go with my girlfriend's father and brother to a nearby town and enjoy a couple days of drag racing. Both her father and brother ran very well but the next day after her and her mother joined us at the track her brother had a bad couple of runs and lost out. Towards the end of the day her father was in a see-saw battle for track points with another driver. Up until the last race we didn't know who would win. There was quite the celebration after her father won the last race.

Of course it ended too quickly and I had to return to Hawaii, I'm happy to say that the new roomate seems to be doing alright. I'm on my way to number 300 for geocaching and I'm pretty excited to hit that mark.