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Sarge [userpic]


July 17th, 2009 (12:02 am)

current mood: thoughtful
current song: sevendust - trust

Pattaya Thailand was a real eye opener. It was like stepping back in time and seeing how we came from the industrial era to the digital. Phone and electrical wires ran haphazardly over buildings and during times of rain you could hear the buzz of short circuits. It was fun though, elephant rides and the adventure of finding what was around the next block kept the attention and amusement during the entire visit.

The first day was mainly just getting a lay of the land. My liberty buddies and I walked down from the Hard Rock Cafe where we had been dropped off and strolled along the beach. Several statues had been placed along the walkway on one side while the beach lined the other. During the middle of the week there wasn’t much trash pick up I guess because the beach was lined with litter. That Friday a huge crew came out and cleaned up the beach for the weekenders but it was too little too late for my group and we stayed clear of the cluttered beach during that week. Midway through the walk way I noticed a geocache was nearby and I took the group to a nearby mall to find it. After successfully finding the cache I noticed that the log was nearly full. I managed to get some new logs printed off the coming days and replaced it so that others could continue to enjoy it. The end of the walk way steered us onto “Walking Street” where we passed restaurants, night clubs, pool halls, and stores rigged to get you to spend your money. I managed to get the group passed it the first time and onto the beach once more and we enjoyed the start of the setting sun as we walked up to a light house and stopped to take pictures.


Beside the lighthouse was a trail that went up the nearby hill and to a Buddhist shrine and a city park. Visiting each we were able to take some great pictures before the setting sun forced us to start heading back down into town. Our side trip to another cache led us to what might have been the Mayors house where I took some pictures of some interesting statues that were near it before we were shooed away. Up on the balcony were robed figures with spears and down by one of the entrances were gargoyle like creatures that were pretty cool to look at.


Going back to Walking Street the group decided to stop at the “Right Spot” restaurant. The food was passable though the only thing I really enjoyed was the steak that I ordered. There was just a hint of garlic and clove on it but it was cooked to perfection and I enjoyed every piece. Unfortunately the food was priced nearly three times as high as the restaurants in town as we would soon find out. One of the other things about Thailand is the prices for goods are pretty low compared to a lot of countries that I visited and everything was barginable.


The night ended with our group stopping at one of the tailors to get some suits, I decided on a lined grey suit with a cream shirt. For about a hundred and fifty bucks it wasn’t a bad price for a fitted suit. At the end of the week we picked them up and everyone seemed pretty satisfied with their purchase.


The next day started early with a quick trip down to Sattahip to attend the opening ceremony for our exercise. The sun was terrible that day and standing in a formation where everyone is wearing bright white made it pretty hard on the eyes. After making our showing at the ceremony it was back to Pattaya to get signed out and out into town again.


Walked around a bit before having to return to the tailor for a fitting and to Hard Rock to go on a tour to ride the Elephants. Had a blast riding the elephants for close to an hour before we stopped and watched a demonstration of traditional Thai dancing and Muay Thai, after the tour was over they took us to a gem factory where I was able to get some rather large pieces of jade for a fairly reasonable price to send home.


While everyone else went back to the Hard Rock my group went in search of the go karts. It was pretty fun driving against my liberty buddies but I think instead of Sarge I should have chosen the nickname spinout because during the first few curves of the race the tires of my go kart would not be warm enough and I would drift and spin all over the place.


The end of the day came and it was time for some dinner. Asking the workers at the go kart place we walked a few blocks to find a restaurant named Alois and had a fantastic meal. I started with a single appetizer of liver and frog legs before my ceaser salad arrived. After the salad my soup (Tom Yum) arrived, the soup was so good, but after a few spoonfuls it was so hot it was inedible for me, but I sincerely wish I could’ve gone through and finished it. Instead I ordered some tiramisu and drowned my sorrows in its rich espresso goodness.


We slowly walked back to the Hard Rock and explored the various stores before heading back to the ship after a great day of exploring Pattaya. I’ve got a couple more days to document so stay tuned.


Posted by: Risu (skwerly)
Posted at: July 17th, 2009 05:11 am (UTC)

...I will, then, finish your Tom Yum soup for you.

Posted by: Sarge (sarge104)
Posted at: July 17th, 2009 02:04 pm (UTC)

You may have the soup, I believe that someone has already claimed the elephant ;).

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