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Sarge [userpic]

Well, now that you're here...

July 15th, 2009 (12:27 am)

current mood: restless
current song: Three Days Grace - Riot

The funeral was very emotionally draining, so it was good to go back to my own home afterwards. The next day though I was up bright and early to make the hour and a half trek back to start helping with my grandmother’s house. There were times before that we had tried to go and help my grandmother and grandfather help declutter their house but it was in my grandmothers nature to keep everything that could have a future use so the house would always be filled with boxes of random items so the following days we were going to do what we could to get things managed so there would be more then just a walking trail through the house.

The trip didn't start out so well with a traffic stop right before I left my own town. Seems there are two signs on each side of the road, incoming traffic has to slow down to 35, outbound is 45. The cop pulled me over going 45 and issued me a ticket for traveling 45 in a 35 mile zone. I was still pretty shocked at the time from the funeral so when I looked back to see the 35 sign I thought I had been mistaken and just accepted the ticket. What made it worse is when I went to the court house to see when I would be able to fight the ticket the judge told me it would take until the next month just for the first hearing, only having one week left I was left with no option but to accept the bupkiss ticket.

Finally made it up to my grandmother’s house where my mother and aunts were in full swing going through the house. I was given a repreave shortly after when one of my uncles arrived with his gps and wanted to know a few things about it and if there were any caches in the area. I took a break and took him and one of my little cousins out to a nearby cache a few blocks away. The cache was placed up in a welcome sign for the city and my uncle was concerned that my cousin was too short to find it but she surprised him by climbing all over it when we arrived and quickly found the cache. Returning we helped until it became time to leave and this time I had no trouble getting back home.

Traveling like this lasted until Father's Day when I returned and after eating dinner at Jen's parents we went out to the mountains to go caching. Not having done any geocaching since Korea it was a fun change of pace to be able to go out with people I knew were up to the task of tackling the obstacles on route to the cache. Jen's father took us and her brother out to some of the new caches in the area plus some of his own that he had placed out. Some of the caches were easy, some involved some climbing, and of course the last had to involve a rose bush...ouchy. We had fun though even though most of us and the geohound we took with us had some scrapes as we headed back into town.

Much of the rest of the week involved getting some minor house repairs done, insulation put in the attic, quick fix on the air conditioner, and, after getting a notice from the city(they seemed to really love me that week), a few hours spent on the boulevard killing weeds. We ended the week by going to Transformers 2, where I laughed my ass off at the hokeyness of the movie but had fun.