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Sarge [userpic]

Somewhere, Something went terribly wrong...:P

June 11th, 2009 (09:39 am)

current location: Singapore - Singapore
current mood: frustrated
current song: Groove Coverage - Poisen

Once again I find myself in Singapore, this time though I am extremely limited to where I can go or do considering we haven't been able to leave the ship before 5pm and the subway lines here close at midnight making it very costly to take a cab back if we are unable to get on the subway in time. I've also been a little peeved at the fact that by the time we get off the ship the local Naval Exchange has already closed. I've been running low on hygiene gear and the ships store is normally only open when I'm elbow deep in the day's current project. Luckily I'm not out yet but I'm hoping the next few days will either allow me to get to the exchange or a local store that isn't a Seven Eleven to get the things I need.

So with the rant out of the way I can get on with what I have been able to do. The first day was busy with pulling in and getting the spaces cleared so that we could go on liberty. I went out with some of my division this time to say goodbye to one of our own that was leaving early the next morning. We went out to Hard Rock Cafe and had a great time. Before we left a cover band called Energy came on and did a pretty good job going through some of the popular songs that play on the radio, after leaving Hard Rock one of the group suggested an Irish Pub called Muddy Murphy's. The pub was set up fairly well with a great atmosphere and the service was pretty good considering the amount of people already set up near the stage where a couple bands were murdering random songs. The next table over we met some of the sailors from the Destroyer Milieus and traded jokes and stories to pass some time before they had to leave. Time grew short for us as well so my liberty buddy and I said our goodbyes and headed to the nearest MTR station. On our way we discussed the differences between Singapore and the US. Mainly the fact that even at midnight you didn't see trash on the street or vandalism to the panes of glass placed along the side of the road depicting random scenes. We also discussed the fact that all the shops we could see seemed to be specialty shops of one sort or the other. If it is new and trendy it was here. I'm still trying to find the East's version of Wal-Mart.

On reaching the MTR we found that it was closed so we had to take a cab back to base. I try and take public transportation as much as possible due to the fact that cabs, no matter in what country, are very expensive. Verses the fact that the MTR would've cost 1.40, to ride the cab to go to the same destination was over 25 dollars. The subway system is set up very well here so it is usually not even a mile to your destination when you get off at the station.

The next day was hot! Wow, I was chugging water down by the liter as we worked to bust rust and get the spaces painted to prepare for a reception that was coming onto the ship. After being released we went down town, this time via MTR, first thought was of food so we went to a food court and while my liberty buddy had sushi I chose some Lamb Sheesh Kabob, basically a fancy wrap that reminded me of a Greek Gyro but, as with most of my experience with Indian food it was a bit warm on the flavor side. After working all day in the sun my body did it's best to convince me not to eat it but it was delicious. Afterwards I stopped for some mini steamed coconut pies and we went on to try and find a movie theater since it was already getting towards 8pm. Our intention was to try and see the new Star Trek movie but the theater we went to didn't have it. I suggested the real life remake of Blood: The Last Vampire but my liberty buddy didn't bite so we had some McDonalds before making our way back to the ship to try and get some rest for another day of work.


Came off my duty day raring to go out and do something other then just walk around Orchard Road. Unfortunately, the fact that I had to make a Navy Exchange run meant that by the time I came back to base from getting my necessities it was too late to head out to the Zoo or the Science Centers (Or Centre if you go by the English spelling ;) ) . Instead I headed out with a friend to the Shaw House on Orchard Road to watch the live action Version of Blood: The Last Vampire. I was impressed that they were actually able to pull a decent story though it was week in a couple parts. I think the most annoying thing about the movie was the Human tag-along they put in but I will not spoil it more then that. I did enjoy the action but the cgi looked a bit hookie.


Didn’t get a geocache this time but I will get another chance here soon. Hopefully I will be able to hit the other attractions as well since I don’t think I will be over in this part of the world again in a long time.