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Sarge [userpic]

Sasabo continued...

May 3rd, 2009 (08:03 pm)
current song: Sevendust - Face to Face

The departure from the Zoo allowed us to make a trip to a nearby scenic lookout to get some great pictures of the area. Near the scenic lookout was a cache that had been DNF'ed (Did not find) a few times so after we finished our pictures I enlisted the aid of my liberty buddy in trying to proof that the cache still existed. Unfortunately, despite a through search we were not able to find the cache ourselves and had to give up. My liberty buddy was very intrigued by the activity and was game to try for another cache that was nearby. Walking back down from the scenic lookout we passed the zoo and tried to find our way up a small hill to a shrine that was placed there. We were denied this as well due to not being able to find the right street to access the path to the shrine. Empty handed we returned and found a cab back to the base.

My liberty buddy surprised me by saying that he enjoyed the exploration and sight seeing and looked forward to another outing at the next port. I'm glad to have interested yet another person to the activity but what he said next floored me. Seems the only thing he really did on the previous port visits was go out to the bars with friends from the ship and get drunk so he was really glad to have found someone willing to go out and enjoy the sites as well.

I've made it a point to go out with people other then who I work with on a daily basis for just this reason. Sometimes it is just to get someone who hasn't found a liberty buddy off the ship for a few hours and sometimes it is to make sure said person doesn't get themselves in trouble while in port but over all it is to have a good time and mingle with people who normally don't even see me during the deployment other then at chow hours. I've done my best to have fun and make sure they do as well and sometimes it works out and that is what makes my day.

The next day had us hard at it busting rust and priming our outside decks on the ship so that took most of the day before being released once more. Food was on my mind and luck had it I was able to hook up with two others that wished to grab some food off base as well. Despite going to RaRaRa once more it was fun times exposing yet another shipmate to actual ramen noodles. It was funny having them cuss us out as well because all this person ate was ramen purchased from the ships store and now it was ruined because it just wouldn't be the great experience they just had. The sub cockles of my heart were warmed... >:D Thus ended my port visit to Sasabo.