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Sarge [userpic]

No border lines we stayed behind...

April 29th, 2009 (04:56 am)

current location: Sasabo, Japan
current mood: groggy
current song: Within Temptation - Forsaken

Once again I found myself in Sasabo, Japan. This time I was bound and determined to explore the area and I'm happy to say that I was able to do just that, even if just a small part. After spending the first day on duty I was a little anxious to go and see what Sasabo had to offer.

First things first I had to find a liberty buddy willing to go off base. Seems most of the ship was more interested in staying on base on a lazy Sunday but I was finally able to find someone willing to leave and after a quick trip for supplies at the local Naval Exchange we were off to Sasabo Zoo. After finding a cab a quick twenty minute ride had us at the main entrance to the zoo.

The front of the zoo held the botanical garden showcasing various plants and flowers. Walking through the rose section it was pretty cool to see so many varieties of them in bloom despite the colder temperatures. Of course there were the differing red roses but mixed in were entire bushes of yellow, red/yellow, black, and white varieties set on either side of arched trellises and white statues.

Next up was the avian exhibits where cranes, condors, peacocks, pelicans, and a verity of flightless birds were kept. Something very large and moving caught my eye though and I went over to the Asian Elephant exhibit and managed to get a pretty good shot of both the elephant and I together. Next door was a huge lion that looked like it could bat you across the room with one of its paws.

Moving on I was able to see some Baboons at play. As the adults watched the little ones scampered and swung from everything and anyone. A cross the street I was able to get some pictures of a Wallaby, though from the looks of it the poor thing probably had a rough life with it's matted fur and desolate hopping. Next to the Wallaby was a couple of Giant Tortoises, and when they say giant they mean dinner table big. The black bear exhibit was a little disappointing at first due to the big guys sleeping in the feeding corridor but I was able to swing back to get a couple of pictures of them snoozing away outside. It was surprising to see Meer cats and ground hogs at the zoo since most people I know would consider them a pest then something you would want to pay money to see. I guess that goes to show the power of TV, turning gophers into cute and cuddly heroes...were is my 22?

With the chill in the air the snake exhibits were not all that exciting due to the reptiles trying their best to stay warm. The Gibbons on the other had were pretty funny to watch as they swung all over their exhibits and hooted and hollered pretty much non-stop. After a quick stop by the Zebra's and Camels I got a chance to see some Bear-cats meander around before starting to make my way to the exit.

The zoo even had a small exihibit for Penguines that a couple of kids were haveing fun with some of them already in the water. The kids would trace a pattern along the view port and the Penquines would chase and flip in the water to chase the end. Right before the exit there were two exibits left, the squirrel monkeys were having fun in their moat enclosed exihibit and the Girriafe definately showed off its tounge when it nearly wrapped it around the six inch diameter posts around its fence.

I've run out of time so next post I'll make sure to fill in the rest of the trip.


Posted by: Risu (skwerly)
Posted at: April 29th, 2009 02:41 pm (UTC)

(but gophers are cuute!)

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