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Sarge [userpic]

Oh, shiny

February 14th, 2009 (09:57 pm)

current mood: crazy
current song: Dirty Jobs Theme Music

2609555993269Vehicle Decal Travel Bug 730413 GEO 
10609555822107Travel Bugs 
5609555993210Micro-Cache Capsule 529221 GEO - Black 
2609555161213Hiking Staff Medallion 529091 GEO 
After finding my vehical towed last friday morning it was off to the races to get it bailed out of pergatory and on the road to an entire weekend of freedom. Was able to get most of my high priority items shipped off that day so I'm happy that when it comes time to move completely it will be much easier with only the basics here on the island.

Saterday was spent making sure that all of the Valentine day items got checked off. Sent some flowers to my girlfriend's work, worked out that she was the only one that received flowers at work so that went well. Unfortunately I found out that she was ill so it was interesting to hear her voice on the phone on Sunday. I hope she gets better soon.

Sunday was spent cleaning the house in preparation of a short cruise this week. My roommate is gone so it was much easier, heheh. That night I treated myself to some sirloin steak and eggs. It was delicious. Above is a short list of the goodies I purchased for my leave time back home, I really want to set out some caches for people to enjoy. Too bad I will not see them until I return to my home.

Right now I'm just enjoying the last few hours before I leave.  Lots of training to do so that the people I leave in the shop will be able to do their jobs. Another short underway before the deployment so it is getting down to grind time.