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Sarge [userpic]

Ready, Set, GOgogogogogogogogogogo!!!!

December 29th, 2008 (06:06 pm)

current location: Oahu
current mood: discontent

Had a blast while home on leave, despite the weather never going above zero  until the last few days. The first night I asked my girlfriend to have some warm socks and some hot coco ready for me when I made it into town. This was a pleasant surprise for her but because of the blizzard-like conditions and snow packed highways her mother and mine wasn't too impressed with the feat...hehe. Tried to enter the driveway and the nearly two foot of snow made it quite impossible for the car to get any traction and I had to spend an hour digging a path for the car to travel on. One of my friends was at the house helping with trying to fix the thermostat at the time and saw my headlights travel back and forth, it was quite amusing for him to see my little black car struggle while his four wheel drive three quarter-ton made quick work of the snow accumulation.

Had a blast going through the house and making the fixes mentioned previously. Installed a digital thermostat, added security lights to both front and back of the house, fixed the surround sound system that had mysteriously gotten set up backwards ;), and started working on adding insulation around the doors while at the same time getting my tools back from all the boxes they had been sorted to. The heating system for the house is piped water which is pretty nice given the fact that the heat is constant and nearly completely silent. The heating unit itself is old though and I'm still looking at replacement options. The house isn't all that big so I'm having trouble finding a boiler that isn't overkill.

A pleasant surprise came when my mother visited the house a week later. They pulled up just as I was putting the finishing touches on one side of the corner sidewalk. My mother decided to purchase a snow blower as an early Christmas gift but the next house warmer would definitely cause some jealousy issues with friends and family... a 42 inch plasma tv....wow! Needless to say my jaw dropped when she got it for us and a tv stand to put it up in the house. The rest of the day was spent going through town shopping for last minute Christmas gifts that they had forgotten and having some Chinese for dinner. Now with my new toy...I mean tool, the rest of the week was spent plowing through tons of snow as I cleared both my own and friends driveways and sidewalks while enjoying the splendor of that gorgeous TV in the evening. Even have a great picture of me in -19 weather grinning like an idiot...heheheh.

Christmas eve came and my girlfriend's family came by for a get together at the new house. I whipped up some home made cider and set out shrimp, meat and cheese, and cookies for the attendees. Had a great time and we really enjoyed watching comedian Jeff Dunham and his puppet sidekicks in a "Very Special" Christmas Special. To end the night we went out and enjoyed the various Christmas decorations that people had set up throughout town. Some were pretty extravagant with the lights timed to music and some were just cool being themed like all blue or a snowman Tony Stewart and pit crew.

Before I forget, I did manage to get the last geocache in town... of course the answer to opening the cache was right in front of our faces the entire time. The last time we tried we were trying all sorts of crazy ideas in an attempt to open the lock but of course never even thought to try and look at the cache itself for a clue on how to open it...heheh. Found a cool little trackable that was in the shape of a skull and when you flip the switch behind the head, it flashes, will have to find a good place to put it before I head out again. 

We went over to my girlfriend's parents for Christmas and had a wonderful meal of Prime rib and had a blast opening presents. I received some cool remote control flying toys and a gift card for the Discovery store...heheh, they know I like little gadgets! I tried my best to get some cool Hawaiian stuff for them and it seemed like they really enjoyed the Hawaiian candies and items I found. Afterwards I traveled to my own mother's house to wish them a Merry Christmas and see how they were doing. Thanked them again for the wonderful gifts and made sure they received the gifts I had sent before arriving.

All too soon it was time to leave again and of course trying to get back is always harder to do then leaving. Received a call from United saying that my flight had been canceled and they didn't have another flight for me for a couple days, managed to fix this by getting a ticket from Delta but after arriving in Denver to catch my connection the plane decided to have some mechanical problems. Luckily it was on the ground and not in the air, it seemed the tail houses an auxiliary power unit that powers various electrical systems on the plane. Of course they waited till we were all packed in to tell us that it also managed the air conditioning so for a couple hours we just sat there sweating as the stewardesses did their best to bring water to everyone on the 767. Finally got in the air and was very happy not to have a massive migraine while descending back down to Oahu. I wasn't very happy trying to decide whither to wait for a bus or hail a cab as the mass exodus of people kept expelling from the air port. I'm not one to linger in large crowds and finally I became so angry that I decided the best option was just to walk. My girlfriend was more then happy to talk to me as I trekked all the way from the airport to my house. I'm happy to say that not only did the eight mile hike help calm me down I found out that the damage to the apartment wasn't caused by an intruder but by the wind.


Posted by: tulipuk (tulipuk)
Posted at: December 31st, 2008 09:51 pm (UTC)

8 mile walk home? you are one crazy dude :)

Happy new year mate

Posted by: Sarge (sarge104)
Posted at: January 2nd, 2009 12:32 am (UTC)

And to you and yours as well, the entire island was smokey from the fire works that were lit off last night. I even saw a garage on fire from a little too exuberant a show. Luckly they got it under control quickly.

As for the walk; like I said it was a means to blow off some steam but I usually go for rather lengthy walks here on the island just so I don't miss those cool little sites you just pass by in the car. Though this isn't any excuse not to visit the Arizona or Missouri...Still need to do those two tours. Heheheh they are right across from the ship too, which makes it rather humorus due to the fact I've hiked most of the trails all around the base here but never gone the mile it would take to walk over to the most famous sites this island has...;)

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