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Sarge [userpic]

Ferrets, clensers, and blood

July 26th, 2003 (11:45 pm)
pissed off

current mood: pissed off
current song: Taproot - I

Got my charges back today. I am so pissed at the friend that I gave them to to take care. I've moved his sorry ass three times, gone out and retrieved him from the middle of no where at least five times and delt with some of his troubles so he could move on with his life. What does he do in return. "Sure, I'll take care of them." Then two days later he calls my apartment (He knows I'm on vacation for two weeks). "You need to call me after you get home." He proceeds to call six more times whining for me to call him. Finally I call him after I get back into town. (I had to trade cars because of insurance so I had to make run into another town because the insurance expired that night, he calls me after snooping at my place and seeing that I had piled some stuff in my kitchen. "I see your back, call me as soon as you can.") I find out that he believes that the ferrets have fleas and he has waited until I got back to do something about the problem and he wants me to buy the stuff to get rid of the fleas. That just torks me off he's let the animals suffer because he's cheap and wants to spend his money on cigs and beer.

I tell him to take care of the problem and then I'll pick them up. Then the story changes, "Well, I was camping and probably brought back sand fleas." Then he starts telling me how much stuff he had to buy to keep the cage clean and get them food. I told him after he called me the first time about buying stuff to save the slip so I could show my friend the stuff I had to get so I could get reimbursed when I turn over my charges. Again the story changes and he now only has the slip for some dry sweep he's been using for kitty litter. The stuff was three bucks. The CHEAP bastard.

Anyway, I go to pick up the ferrets today and I inspect them for bug bites. I find none but when I pick up the ferrets I find out that their fur is caked with sweat and very clumped. I hold my temper after learning this because dumbass has told me that he's been giving them baths every week. Evidently he hasn't by the fact that their fur is so badly clumped. This is also evidence that he seems to have had them in a very hot area instead of the air conditioned living space that he occupies.

Well, it seems I'm lucky to get the ferrets back alive. I've given them baths and let them run around the living room. Their happy, I'm pissed and now another annoying person is bugging me to talk to her. ( :P SARAH! )

Toodles all.