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Some interesting news for those that didn't know, I'm in the final stages of purchasing my first home. Of course this hasn't been without it's own little pains but in the end I'm sure it will be worth it. I've also purchased another vehicle to motor around in while I'm still on Oahu. I'll do up some pictures soon of both but right now I'm a tad overwhelmed.

Just managed to provide myself with basic needs at my apartment, (Yay, inflatable bed!). Water and electricity has been sorted out, transportation needs met and with the upcoming purchase back home I put in for some well deserved leave time to get the house up and running before the winter. Small problem with all this, I'm either in school or underway any other time I turn around. Add to this fact that I'm in the first stages of getting prepared to get my Lasik eye surgery done and the calendar just doesn't have enough days on it.

The house was a rental property so you can imagine the condition. I put in for two weeks so that I could tend to some of the more urgent repairs. A few of them being replacement of the water heater, insulating the roof, and looking at the shingles on the roof to see if any problems are present. At the front of the house there is an addition enclosing the front door that was pretty much just thrown together, this is my primary concern as the water leakage from that addition could be penetrating into the main house and cause me all sorts of headaches down the road. 

Moving into the property isn't going to be too much of a problem, the majority of my household goods are already packed and my girlfriend doesn't have too much stuff so I expect no more then two to three days at the most getting everything set up. Repairs are going to take up most of the rest of my leave time and I love what they are trying to pull on me for when I have to return to Hawaii.

I have to go to another school after I return; the cool thing about this is that I will be in the states for it. It is always good to be able to enjoy myself on the weekends even if the school itself will be fairly demanding during the week. The stupid thing is that it will not only cut two days from my leave but I have to fly all the way from Montana to Hawaii then back to the states. This wastes not only my money but the navy's as well. I hate flying... 


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