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Sarge [userpic]

Are we there yet...

June 1st, 2008 (08:23 pm)

current mood: giddy

200 gas expense
300 food expense
500 petty cash
1,200+ plane ticket
Being able to enjoy nine entire days of freedom...Yah, it sucks.

Of course this hinges on the fact that I actually get to take any leave what so ever. I actually had some hope this time that we would arrive back at Pearl early, should've known better. During the extra time we spent in Washington it was extreamly tiring getting work done, rushing to get off the ship and then rushing to get back to start the process again. 

It was kinda funny actually, in order to get ill I had to get a hotel room and get a full days rest. The original idea was to rest up my knee, update the computer, re-establish contact with friends, and get the rest of the thorns out from the previous days caching activities. It was fun chatting with people that I hadn't had contact for much of the deployment with. I did manage to get about four hours of good, uninterupted sleep in before having to return to the ship for the work day, this may not sound like a lot but believe me it was good for the blood pressure and anger levels.

The extra days spent allowed me to rest and recuperate from my cold/headache from hell. Went to go see the second Cronicals of Narnia movie as well as explore some of the resturants around the area. I have to say from all the resturants I ate at I enjoyed my midnight meal at a resturant called the Chuck Wagon where I enjoyed some medium rare Prime Rib Au Jus with baked potato, green beans, and a bit of pure horse radish. For dessert I enjoyed some rasberry cheese cake.

Geocaching allowed me go aquire my 150th find as well as find some interesting hides that were pretty inginous.  Some involved some dogged searching with a little bit of luck, while others required a little outside the box thinking to asertain the location. My favorite included a micro that was planted in a light pole and made to look like a survey mark. 

Any other time this port visit would've been welcome relief during a long deployement, as it was the days became slow torture and a welcome relief to be heading back to Pearl and to possible freedom in a few short days. Watching Boon Dock Saints right now and laughing my ass off...Here's to low blood pressure.