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Sarge [userpic]

So, here we are in Washington...

May 22nd, 2008 (09:57 pm)

current mood: mellow
current song: Saul Williams-List Of Demands

 So, I guess I need to give an update cus of all the wonderful things that have been going on and my bad memory...

First day was duty so I was raring to go when liberty was called the next day. The base we are in was said to be one of the better bases around so I thought it would have some cool things to do. First though I had to give into the geocaching itch so after a little bit of head scratching I found my way to freedom and proceeded to the nearest cache.

Going from a cold start to a micro cache is like trying to hit a bullseye in darts the first time you throw after breaking your arm. Knowing something is there and not being able to get to it because of the public is very frustrating so after a few minutes of searching and waiting for people to pass by I went on to the next objective.

Not knowing what the lay of the land was I reached for my pda to read up on the next cache before reaching it, promptly found out I had forgotten it aboard the ship so I forged on intent to score a find before returning to the ship for a manditory party that was being held that afternoon. 

I had not even made it three miles and my knee decided to start sending those tender little messages of pain up to my brain. I had twisted it a bit climbing the hills in Alaska and unfortunately it hadn't had time to heal before being put to use again.  This pain caused me to look a little more around me to see if I could find a quicker way to the next cache. Found that the cache and a few others were on an island that I would have to find a way to boat acrossed to. Turning back I returned to the previous cache location intent to make at least one find before returning to the ship.

It took a while but I was finally able to figure out the location after pretending I was getting something to eat from my back pack. Of course after finding the cache and signing the log it was time to return to the ship. Making my way back I managed to go through some of the buildings of the base and came out very unimpressed. The buildings containing the stores closed early, so did the resturants and shops. The places to go for internet didn't allow for Wifi or hard connect and dispite a multitude of bus stops there was no shuttle service to get you around base. Thankfully there were hundreds of pay phones to choose from so I was able to talk to family and my girlfriend. 

The party on the ship was an uncomfortable affair, like I said before it was basically the crew making idle chatter and whiling away the time until liberty call. After being let off the ship I was able to catch a cab with an associate to the iron man movie. Had a blast laughing at the develpment of the suit and some of the fight scenes. That movie is definately going into the collection at home.

The third day started an intense day of geocaching after being let free of the ship. A quick three finds gave me confidance and a wonderful fish and chips meal gave me energy to continue on with my quest. A transiant prevented a quick fourth find and I continued on to the next cache in hopes that they would move on but there were workers from a nearby business near that one as well. Coming back to the fourth geocache I found that it's log had become too full to allow any more signatures. Solved that problem by ripping out a page from my notebook to make a temperary log for people to sign. Going back to the next cache I found, what appeared to be, the entire work force playing catch near the cache site so I moved on.

The next cache I made a very rookie mistake. The reason that a cache is placed is for you to experiance the area that it was placed in, not the display screen of your gps. As I walked up to the cache location I would look at the gps, the rock wall, gps, rock wall, gps, guy sleeping in a car not three feet away...Needless to say I moved on because the object of the activity is to not allow people who may damage or steal the cache know what you are doing.

The next cache had me scouring a childrens playground checking under the play area and surrounding benches and tables. Nearly decided to start dismantling the area before giving up on finding this one. I was getting frustrated with not finding the caches so I was very relieved to find the next one, the following is from the log I placed on the cache page:

***"/sarcasm slightly freaked by three DNF's in a row (Say it ain't so Sarge! Say it ain't so! *Tear*) I can up raring for a comeback to the found it circle. /endsarcasm

After coming up and looking in the usual places I forced myself to go back and take a longer look this time. Came up aces! Moved a bit off and signed the log before trying to replace the log, cue the slowest walking person on the planet. As Mr. Snail started plodding up the trail I busied myself with snapping pictures and holding a séance to remove the evil spirits from my poor, dying, Explorist 500. Luckily Mr. Snail’s friend came along from his trip around the world at mach 16 and hooked up with Mr. Snail to go in the opposite direction. Made sure to securely place the cache and went about my day a little less stressed. :D"***

Yah, I was a little hopped up on sugar when I made that log entry... ;). So hyper I forgot that I had made a daring find out in front of a military surplus store on one of the main streets. Luckly the owner gave permission to the person placing the cache because they were watching me the entire time I was signing the log...LOL! The next two caches also had muggles around the area so I wasn't able to devote a lot of time in the areas least I seem suspicious. This actually was to another persons benifit because as I walked up the street a truck pulled out with an open tail gate and a bouncing Dewalt tool on its way to the ground. With the help of another motorist I was able to return the still working tool to the greatfull owner.

The next cache was in a very nice Lions Campground that had all sorts of sports fields and courts and a beautiful view of the setting sun, another excert from the log:

***"*Note to self: Just because you can't find it right away doesn't mean the cache owner has hired the nieghboring squirrels to move it everytime you get close...*"***

This one was pretty cool in the fact that it was placed inside of an object that the cache owner commenly lost and had to ask his wife to find for him, definately made me laugh after I found it because it took a bit to get to. I really made it harder for myself then I needed too.

The next cache had a wonderful story that described the reason for the hospital in the area. Many caches are placed that try and tell you more about the history of the area and it makes for great conversation when out with friends when the information comes to be needed. Again muggles prevented this find though in hindsight I could've gone about trying to make the find in a different way then what I did try.

The next find took me to a park that was above a cliff overlooking the harbor. Took many pictures as the sun began to set and had an interesting time trying to find the next cache. Nano caches are about the size of a pencil eraser so you have to be pretty observent to find them. Making this difficult was the large bushes around the cache area that I had to navigate around during the hunt. Luck was on my side though and I made the find.

The last and final cache of this day was a cleverly hid micro cache in a guard rail near the entrance of the park. After making the find I was taking pictures of the park sign when a lady came out and greeted me. She said that I should have taken a picture of myself in front of the sign. I replied by saying I didn't want to break my camera ;).

At this time my knee couldn't be ignored anymore and the constant pain had fatigued me so it was time to head back. All in all this day I logged another twenty-five miles to my total miles cached.

It is late I will update more in the morning :D