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Sarge [userpic]

Trip to Seward

May 7th, 2008 (06:50 pm)

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http://pics.livejournal.com/sarge104/ (Updated with the Seward pics)

Had an interesting visit to Seward, Alaska, this time being my third visit after visiting when I was sixteen and once again with the ship last year. Of course this time was a bit different considering the only thing on my mind was doing a bit of geocaching and in the process getting away from the ship for a bit.

After pulling in the wait to get ashore was maddening, once let loose though it seemed that the ship went from full capacity to ghost town in less then a minute. I had preplanned my excursion and even inquired as to the status to a few caches before pulling in and was excited to hit the road as soon as possible.

Finally made my way into the historic town of Seward and made my first try for a micro cache near a rest area with interesting whale shaped tales as seats. As I got closer though a small group of people were doing some cleaning around the area so I chose to head to the next cache. Walking though the town I made my way to one of the trail heads of Mount Marathon, there was a cache that hadn’t been visited for nearly a year and I was eager to see if it was still there.

While the town itself was relatively clear of snow the surrounding hills were a different story altogether. As I started up the entrance to the runners trail there were piles of the wonderful stuff all over. As I got to within 200 feet of the cache there was a slide area that had a nearly two story pile of snow that made me concerned that the cache may have been dislodged but confidant that the cache owner had already taken into account this fact I headed up. Going along the beginnings of the runners trail I picked up a few pieces of litter for later deposit in the trash cans in town and as my gps started to beep at me in regards to the proximity of the cache I started my search. Memories of the last time I was in this area came to me during the brief search, I had come down this section with some friends and had fun sliding down the slop the snow had made not even thirty feet away. Quickly my eyes noticed something not quite right about a pile of rocks and after moving one I smiled as the object of my search appeared.

Sitting down a short distance away I started to sign the log just as a low buzzing started around one of my ears, looking up I was surprised to see a mosquito out and about in the low forty degree weather. Taking a picture for prosperity I quickly dealt with the intruder before setting up a photo shoot with my travel bugs then replacing the cache.

A short distance away someone had placed an ammo can at a picturesque waterfall that flowed under a nearby bridge and out into the bay. After snapping a picture of the falls I quickly found the cache and spent some time reading a story that one of the travel bugs that was stored there had. The travel bugs mission was to collect stories about people who worked as police or rangers. Only one story was in the bag with the star but online there where a few logs about peoples stories about lawmen and the criminals they chased. The other two TB’s were a small stuffed bear whose mission I cannot remember and a piece of bamboo that was supposed to visit various rain forests. That kinda made me chuckle because the cache was in one of the most far away places you could be from a rain forest. None of the TB’s had a mission I could help out on so unfortunately I had to leave them and with tummy growling search for food.

Wanting something light to off set the grease that the ships food seemed to be made out of I stopped at Subway and ran into a shipmate that inquired about what I had been up to. After explaining my adventures they asked if they could join me. The first cache they found was the one from the running trail and after a little trouble they also found the cache by the waterfall as well. I was fairly confident that I would also be able to show them a micro cache as well as we made our way back to the rest stop but the failing light hindered the search and the decision was made to leave it for next time

Day three had both the new geocacher and myself heading into town after being unable to meet up with some other geocachers from the ship earlier. We quickly made a find at the rest area and proceeded to the Marina Restaurant to have breakfast and try and wait for the other group to catch up with us. After a very filling breakfast of biscuits and gravy we set out for the caches outside the city limits.

(((Will post more later tonight :D)))