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Hong Kong

Again click on the pictures for a larger view..

If you want the story behind the pictures make with the clicks!

Arrived in Hong Kong in the early afternoon so saw this view from a friends hotel room and used it to do a photo op with the Travel Bugs that I had.

I had to stop and take a picture of this funny sign while on my way to the cache.

The proceeding pictures show a clear day at the large Sitting Buddha. Behind the gate there is a path that had the pictured flowers and at it's end the temple.

Going past the Buddha you could either take the Wisdom Path (Picture with the wood posts) or trek up pasted the colorful carved bird along the Lantau Peak trail. Went to the top and had a blast, even managed to find a geocache. Sorry there isn't many pictures from the top but I mostly took video. I'll get the rest of the pictures up when I get access to Photobucket.

Last stop was Victoria Peak, again I stopped at Ten Yi and had some excellent food dispite being rushed by my liberty buddy.

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