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Sarge [userpic]

All this internet space, and not enough bandwidth...

April 28th, 2008 (01:33 am)
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As promised, pictures of the deployment...AKA The Horrible Slide Show gone completly wrong....First up is South Korea!

Click on the pictures for a larger view if you cannot see.
If you want the story behind the pictures you must suffer... J/k. Click the links.



First stop after arriving in South Korea was this little resturant. At first I thought it was a clinic but one of my liberty buddies took us in to grab some grub.

This was the menu, considering the fact I have no clue how to decipher Korean I would've never have been able to eat here because all there was for a menu was a sign like this on the wall.

It was kinda interesting finding Pocari Sweat in Korea considering its a Japanese drink.

I'm thinking this little guy is just as popular as Tony the tiger is.

One of the many pictures that I took of merchandise that had made me smile.

The meal we had at the end of the day, I'm pretty sure I put it's name on the picture. I cannot remember it right now.

The next day had us going to Unification Park.

The North Korean sub that they turned into a museum.

An American frigate that we sold to the South Koreans. They used this one till the late 90's.

Inside of the sub, the hard hats were quite useful.

Heheheh, me on the anti-air gun on the frigate.

Managed to find one geocache while there, it was pretty difficult trying to get this one due to being American ;).

Lunch, you can see that the cooking is very simple in these pictures. That didn't make it any less good to eat. I can say that my stomuch was very happy during my travels in South Korea.

Snacks at Donut Palace. I'll give you three guesses who has the most donuts on their plate...and the first two don't count ;).


Posted by: Risu (skwerly)
Posted at: April 28th, 2008 02:43 pm (UTC)

Is that a heart-shaped donut??

I'm not surprised about the Pocari Sweat because it's pretty popular...is that a milkis (the carbonated milk beverage) in there I see?

Posted by: Sarge (sarge104)
Posted at: April 28th, 2008 02:50 pm (UTC)

Yes, I have a rather entertaining picture of that person proclaiming their love of donuts. As for the drink I believe you are correct. I didn't try it though, only the pocari sweat.

Posted by: boiler1 (boiler1)
Posted at: April 28th, 2008 08:33 pm (UTC)

you on an anti-aircraft gun...hehehehehehehehehe
Kill a commie for mommie

Posted by: Sarge (sarge104)
Posted at: April 29th, 2008 10:38 am (UTC)

It was even pointing in the right direction ;). It really brought back memories of the stories I would hear from my grandfather about his time as a Destroyerman.

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