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Sarge [userpic]

You don't want to see me when I'm angry...

April 24th, 2008 (07:58 pm)

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I take great pride in my work. It gives me great satisfaction when I can do something that makes a difference and makes things better. I will go to great lengths to do so and I've earned the respect of my peers while doing so. That is why this is still so very hard to write.

A very long time ago I started to go around the towns that I lived in and helped people with work that they needed done. This in turn provided me with a means to purchase my own items and contribute to the savings that my family had provided for my education. It was tiring work that sometimes caused me pain but at the end of the day I would return to my house happy with what I'd done and the next morning I would be able to look in the mirror and see that I'd grown a little more and I took pride in that.

After a few years I was able to enter the work force through part time and then full time work. Again the work I did improve something or made sure that others could enjoy them selves. I was asked to supervise over a small group after a time and I made sure they knew that I would be there beside them if they needed help. Trouble did come and I made sure to make the effort to do my best in solving it. This gained me the respect of those that I oversaw and the efforts of the group created an environment that was a joy to be a part of.

I take a very serious approach to any problem that causes suffering or sadness to those around me. I focus any required time or effort in making sure the problem gets solved in a timely manner. People know that they can come up to me at any time and I will do what I can to help them. Again this allows me to look myself in the mirror each morning and carries me through the day no matter what may come.

For twenty-six years this has served me well. I can say though, it nearly wasn't enough to carry me through the shame I felt as I had to call upon my family to pay my expenses this last month. After showing that I was capable of performing the duties of a second class petty officer of the navy I was reduced from having enough savings to keep me afloat through a six month hospital stay to being several thousand dollars in debt.

The ship I serve on is the best in the Pacific. Its crew has proven itself in every way that they are capable of taking on any task and performing it better then anyone else. It is because of this we are called out to sea to perform our duty so often that being on land makes most restless. During one of our brief home port visits I was required to move from the barracks to an apartment that in most states wouldn't be more then three hundred to rent but due to the fact that space was a commodity the price was substantially higher. I had filled out the proper paperwork before the ship got underway to be reimbursed for this expense and set to sea to do my duty.

The first month saw a loan from the bank and more paperwork to file in order to be reimbursed. This month also saw a letter to my upper chain to fight for a shipmates housing expenses that were forced on to them. The second pay period had me going and talking to the people responsible for funding; I was told the problem was being worked and walked away content that it would be solved. The second month required some savings to be used and more paperwork to correct the identity of the individual to receive the money. Despite the correct paperwork being sent my name had been spelled wrong so corrections were made. The next pay period had more correspondence being sent to the relevant people, then returned with excuses or not returned. The third month required the rest of savings to be used and emergency funding drawn to pay previous debts. Despite the use of all available funds my debts required me to ask my family to take care of bills that provided for my home and transportation.

A final correspondence was sent, outlaying the fact that I had trusted those responsible to solve the problem. I stated my dire need for the money owed to me and listed the debts that I've incurred. In closing I stated that if the problem was not solved immediately I would seek higher authority and seek resolution. The next day I began proceedings to gain access to higher authority. Within a half a day I had an email that stated that the pay owed would be in my next pay check and an apology was sent regarding the issue.

The shame I felt in having a job that should have been providing me with the means to live, was instead forcing me to ask my family to pay my expenses was unbearable. I take great pride in the fact that I can provide a stable life for both myself and my girlfriend through the sacrifices for the defense of my country, this experience was most troubling.


Posted by: Sarge (sarge104)
Posted at: April 24th, 2008 02:36 pm (UTC)


I'm so sorry Boiler! I was going through and cleaning out my inbox (or so I thought) and I killed your post! I think your reply got sent to my hotmail though so I can resurrect it when I get access to that again.

I think I got rid of quite a few comments posted the past few days so I'll make sure to repost them when I get access to hotmail.

My apologies again.

Posted by: thelunarfox (thelunarfox)
Posted at: April 24th, 2008 04:12 pm (UTC)

~hugs~ At least the situation got solved. Unfortunately, you're still dealing with the bureaucracy. It appears to be a multi-headed monster that requires a lot of paperwork before it can do things properly. And even then, it may flub things up royally. (That's why I can't help laughing at the Vogons in Hitchhikers Guide.)

Don't feel shame. I am sure your family doesn't mind helping you out in a time of need.

Posted by: Sarge (sarge104)
Posted at: April 24th, 2008 05:40 pm (UTC)

*Return Hug*

A running joke around here is that my evil twin enlisted, got assigned to the same ship as me, and now is living comfortably in Seychelles while I have to do his work ;). It's taken me three years to get my name changed on some of the paper work because an extra "N" in my name.

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