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Sarge [userpic]

Getting back into the swing of things....

July 18th, 2003 (02:38 pm)

After a day of being back from my trip I got sick so I've been unable to get back into gear. Right now I'm paying bills and getting my apartment cleaned. Hopefully tomarrow I can get back to maintaining the apartment building and posting on the various message boards I regularly frequent.

Of course some of my bills are late. Even after telling my insurance company that I will be gone for two weeks in july they sent the bill on the fifth expecting pay on the 14th. So when I got my held mail on the 16th I found a couple of bills that were over due. Luckly I am one of the few that they don't have trouble with getting money from so a couple of calls and everything was settled. So here I am trying to keep hydrated in this 105+ heat and just keep pecking at this mess I call my apartment. I should have something more interesting tommarrow when I feel better. Later.