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Sarge [userpic]


March 1st, 2008 (05:08 am)

current mood: amused
current song: Linkin Park- My December

In the midst of having a heated discussion with my girlfriend concerning my blogging my experiences before sending out an email...cool stuff I tell you what.

On the other hand I have two computer controlled tanks going off in the background to keep me awake. One is yellow and named Gnar! The other is red and named Blargh! I have them both on expert mode and they seem to be doing an admirable job of beating the living crap out of each other. Found a little flaw in the targeting algorithm, seems if one of the tanks is next to a steep wall they both cannot seem to hit each other worth squat. Add a variably changing wind, that I've seen go up to 150mph, and you've got two little tanks blowing up mountains to get to one another...cute.

BTW: GNAR!'s got 590000 points and BLARG!'s got 580000 points, they keep trading the lead.