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Sarge [userpic]

Catch up....

January 22nd, 2008 (04:08 pm)

current mood: crazy
current song: VNV NATION - Various

Second part of leave went rather well. Had an awesome time in fact when I got in touch with one of my old friends. He works for the rail road and had been extreamly busy the previous week so it was good to see him.

My girlfriend and I had done some geocaching earlier during the day and had actually tried to go out to one outside of town before meeting up with my friend for dinner at a Cantonese resturant. It was quite amusing trying to dodge little suicidal furballs as we tore along the gravel roads in search of a way to cross the river. I finally zoomed out on my gps and found the right road...that started back in town ;).

We came back and had dinner with my friend and explained what we were about to do. My friend was interested in doing some geocaching as well so we headed out and showed him what we had gotten hooked on. The cache it's self was a mothers day tribute that a child had done for his mother. Afterwards we saw that there was another cache even farther away from town and my friend, now hooked, suggested we hit it before the sun set. I looked into my pda for information and discovered that it might be more advisable to use a four wheel drive vehicale to get out there. Just so happened that my friends truck was four wheel drive so we drove out there with his vehicale. Of course we took the wrong road and with the truck pitching up and down, left and right, he made the observation that it would be crazy to bring a camper out to this area but he had seen it done. After finding the cache we ventured around to see if an easier road could be found, there was a very well graveled road just a short distance from the cache. I have to say that the two wheel rut road was much more preferable though...;)

Of course my girlfriend and my mother were still deep in their argument but it seems that my mother has now chosen to just ignore my girlfriend and she doesn't want to bring it up any more. There is another issue that had to be delt with though, I had recently been told by my girlfriend that she an her friends had been looking into getting RockBand but that it was only for the XBOX or PS3. The other problem would be the friends wanting to share the game, I discussed this with my girlfriend and decided that it would be good for her to have her friends over while I'm out on deployement. So we are now the proud owners of a new PS3 and the ROCKBAND game. My friend came over and jammed out with us to try it out. I think that everyone enjoyed it because five hours passed before we even looked at a clock next.

The end of leave found me at the airport saying my good byes and heading through security. Oh, what fun I had... I passed through the metal detector with no problem, only to be pulled aside and patted down afterwards. Then came my bag, once through the scanner, twice, yep, three times it passed through as they inspected it from every angle. My GERBER multi-tool had caught their eye amid all my electronics. Luckly they gave it to my girlfriend to send to me and off I went.

Of course the week everyone came back was a week of hell no matter what your rate. It was decided that no one should leave before four in the afternoon. So for the entire week we were busy worked within an inch of our lives. Friday I had the chance to see Cloverfield, I really enjoyed the movie. Movies now have become so dumbed down that it is unbelievable. No longer are we driven to find out more about the characters after we leave the theater, nope. All is pre-packaged and wrapped for rapid consumption of a "I want to know everything now" audiance. I laughed a lot during the movie and laughed even harder after the end when all the people around me exclaimed that they wanted their money back. The weekeds duty passed by without trouble and I enjoyed the extra day off on Monday. Made it to North Shore without too much fuss. A friend and I laughed as a driver that had changed lanes in mid intersection and nearly hit us started to flip us off twice in a fit of rage. I guess they took umbrage to us laughing at us and as we pulled up to make another turn they tried to throw their drink at us, only managing to spill it all over their own car in the process.

Had fun geocaching at Northshore, even had a good time trying my luck at body boarding. I fail every time I try but it is still fun. What made it even better is the next day my friend and I went to find a geocache that I had tried over three times to get and finally found it. Considering that the size of the cache was around the size of a pencil eraser it made finding it all the more satisfying.