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Sarge [userpic]

An apology and some opinion stuff

July 14th, 2003 (04:13 pm)

current mood: discontent
current song: The Ataris- In this Diary

First the apology,

I am very sorry Betty, Justin, and Kiara. I failed to make it to the library on the eleventh. That day I set out at ten (Much later then I anticipated) and following the direction sheet I had made I made it all the way to Ohio before recognizing my mistake. I turned around and fought my way back to Detroit just in time to get caught up in two traffic jams that were created by accidents on interstate 75. I was not able to get out of Detroit until Three o'clock. I am very sorry I wasn't able to meet with everyone. I hope you all had safe trips to the library and back to your homes.

Now for my post...

The eleventh I let down three friends that I wished to meet before leaving for Montana. I woke up late and before I got my gear into my car and my friend taken back to her apartment it was ten o'clock. I had hurriedly picked up a direction sheet that I thought was the correct sheet to get to the library and checked it with mapquest. Unfortunetly I only glanced and made sure the first few lines were correct before zooming off. The directions I had grabbed were to get to Ceder Point Ohio and when I made the trip down before I was very tired so I failed to recognized land marks (Like Detriot) that should have compelled me to look for the correct sheet. Sadly that wasn't the case and I failed to make it to my destination. I did however manage to make it as far as Wolverine that day to start my journey back to Montana. I settled into the Yogi Bear campground and spent a rainy night in my tent.

That morning I set out for the boarder. In St. Ignace I easily crossed the boarder and fought and clawed my way to Thunder Bay before being forced to park at another campground. Once again I was rained on as I hurriedly at some supper and went to sleep.

The 13th found me rested and ready for battle once again. Highway 17 and the slow moving campers were my enemy and the gruff voices of the truckers were more then welcome as I made a mad dash to the West. Here and there I picked up the mic to warn fellow drivers of hazards and give directions as I plodded along. Unfortunety one time I gave some "slightly" erronous info so the day was not all sunshine and roses. Sorry Ang, Kenora to Winnipeg is only 150 miles, not 250. I had to stop in Kenora for a refuel and missed my chance to correct my mistake.

Thunder Bay to Consul Saskatuwan was the order of the day and as I cleared Highway 17 and hit the divided highway of 2 I geared up and sprinted acrossed Ontario and thankfully scrambled into Saskatuwan around 7pm. I hit swift current around 8:30 and fueled up and rocketed towards the boarder before I remembered something.

As my friend and I were crossing the boarder we had to surrender a personal pepper spray she was carrying before crossing. She had asked me to retrieve it and get it back to her so I stopped in Consul for the night because the boarder station that we had gone through was only open 9-5pm. I had intended to hit Shelby and go through there. I once went through that station at 3:30am and they were not too happy to see me. I had just finished a paintball senerio earlier that day and was in a rush to get back to get a class done that morning. Needless to say when they saw my licence and the tired look on my face they pulled my in for a drunk test as the boarder guard made sure my licence was real. My licence was renewed before I turned twenty-one and my picture was supposed to change over to the adult side (Montana has a minor/adult side to its license) but since I renewed it before I just recieved two pictures to my license. One side just has a watermark pic and the other (Minor) side still holds my picture. So me and the Shelby boarder station have a mixed history...lol. Anyway I pulled up the the american side and had my car searched by the guards then was cleared to go. All in all my vacation was awesome. I cannot wait for next summer.


Posted by: Evadne (kiarafallan)
Posted at: July 14th, 2003 06:21 pm (UTC)
Oh god...

Thank god...I thought you were there....I ended up a half hour late thanks in part to construction....The bridge was out so I had to find a new way to get there, and since I get lost at a drop of a hat. :p At least I even got to go to see. If you did read my emails you'd realize my car had broke the day before...now mind you they fixed in Friday.

Apology accepted :p

Posted by: Sarge (sarge104)
Posted at: July 15th, 2003 11:37 am (UTC)
Re: Oh god...

Thanks Kiara, I have read your emails and your journal entries. Do you mind if I call during the week?

Posted by: Evadne (kiarafallan)
Posted at: July 15th, 2003 07:30 pm (UTC)
Re: Oh god...

sure...if you don't mind the fact I sound wierd...

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