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Sarge [userpic]

Argh, females....

December 11th, 2007 (03:57 am)

current mood: sleepy
current song: Oleander - Are you there

Got a chance to make some calls today before the ship ventured too far from shore. Was able to give my girlfriend a call, gave me a chance to find out about some interesting emails that I had been recieving from her. Of course after talking about various things she mentions that she had found out about my "fake" myspace page. This took me by suprise because I stay far far away from anything myspace like. Then she referenced this post.


Now I distinctly remember calling here the morning after, but of course when arguing with a female you are always wrong...LOL. She also asked "Who is this Lunar Fox person and why are you giving them hugs?" I had to explain that I had never even met them (need to fix that btw ;)) and friends need hugs even the virtual type.

I guess it was just her way of letting off steam because she now has two jobs and it can be pretty hard to stay sane. It will be good to be home.


Posted by: thelunarfox (thelunarfox)
Posted at: December 11th, 2007 06:11 pm (UTC)
Moon Beams

Yikes! I got you in trouble!

Every girl gets a few crazy days, especially when it's long distance. That's the worst. She's just lucky that she has someone so understanding, especially about the women being right. (Jay says he has a gray hair for every argument he's lost, that's why he's half gray now and I only have two gray hairs. XD)

Yes, one day we will fix the not meeting thing. And you should definitely bring your girlfriend because there is no where more romantic than Monterey. ^__~

Posted by: Sarge (sarge104)
Posted at: December 12th, 2007 10:52 am (UTC)

If I wasn't in trouble I don't know what I would do...;).

She has family in California so I need to talk to her about arranging another trip out there. Last time we hit California Adventures and Knott's Berry Farm during All Hallows Eve. Lots of fun. I'm sure we can manage a swing down to Monterey.

Posted by: boiler1 (boiler1)
Posted at: December 12th, 2007 03:51 am (UTC)

Let us go over this...
You are a man, this means you are WRONG!
Even if you can prove BEYOND a reasonable doubt, you are still wrong.
Known fact, when you prove yourself correct, this will be the reply...
"Oh you think you are Always correct? What about the time back in blah blah blah when you blah blah blah and bitch bitch bitch blah blah blah blah bitch bitch bitch bitch blah blah blah blah blahblah. And DO NOT FORGET blah blah blah blah blah blah blah! So just admit it that you are wrong."

Posted by: Sarge (sarge104)
Posted at: December 12th, 2007 10:56 am (UTC)

LOL! That was so close to what transcribed, my friend, you are wise beyond your years...ahahahahahah! I love how they bring up stuff that is so far back and expect you to remember it like it was yesterday.

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