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Argh, females....

Got a chance to make some calls today before the ship ventured too far from shore. Was able to give my girlfriend a call, gave me a chance to find out about some interesting emails that I had been recieving from her. Of course after talking about various things she mentions that she had found out about my "fake" myspace page. This took me by suprise because I stay far far away from anything myspace like. Then she referenced this post.

Now I distinctly remember calling here the morning after, but of course when arguing with a female you are always wrong...LOL. She also asked "Who is this Lunar Fox person and why are you giving them hugs?" I had to explain that I had never even met them (need to fix that btw ;)) and friends need hugs even the virtual type.

I guess it was just her way of letting off steam because she now has two jobs and it can be pretty hard to stay sane. It will be good to be home.
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