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Sarge [userpic]

They raise their children to be opportunistic bastards!

August 23rd, 2007 (09:33 pm)
current location: Hong Kong
current song: Linkin Park - Krawling

Some of the stuff I was able to do:

1. Largest Sitting Budda
2. The Peak
3. Geocaching
4. Disneyland
5. Fine Dinning
6. Ferry Ride
7. Double Decker Bus Ride
8. Tram Ride
9. Subway Rides

First day (after duty) started out hectic just getting off the ship via boat, taking the ferry acrossed, surveying a geocach site, and checking into the hotel. After check in we headed out, using the subway, to see the sitting budda. The trip up we used the bus since the cable car was out of commission. The top was shrouded in fog but I was able to snap some good pictures of the gate before the stairs and of budda and his stone worshipers. After bussing back down we stopped by the mall and visited one of the restaurants there to eat. After sitting down we pretty much were ignored for about forty minutes, finally getting one of the waiter's attention we placed our order and enjoyed the meal (no pics, sorry). Catching the subway back we stopped by a park near the hotel to try for the geocach we surveyed earlier with no luck. Moving on we had fun walking along the Hollywood boardwalk where I got some night shots of the statues. After taking some more photos of the Hong Kong scenery at night we moved to another cach but had no luck in finding it either. Ended the night going back to the hotel.

The next day started out with me getting some much needed rest after not sleeping for a couple days (watch, sea & anchor detail, Duty). Six entire hours of uninterrupted sleep later I was back in action. Had breakfast delivered to my room then met up with my liberty buddy and a friend from another ship to head out. My liberty buddy had never been on a double-decker bus so we hopped on the 15 to The Peak. Once there I had to go to the restroom where I found a terrace that gave a great view to the fog rolling over the nearby hill and semi-clear view of some of the ships moving in and out of the harbor. Was able to get some pictures of this and moved on to the restaurant (Tien Yi) for an excellent meal (many pictures, no idea what of ;)). While dinning had the chance to snap some pics of Hong Kong while it was somewhat clear from our table in the restaurant. Before we had a chance to get up the roof it had already fogged over so we headed back down and managed to find a geocach before taking the tram back down from The Peak. A couple subway rides later we boarded the Disneyland train and entered the world of yesterday, fantasy, and tomorrow! Very enjoyable time riding space mountain, watching the lion king play, shooting some Z-things on the Buzz Lightyear ride, laughing out our guide saying a script in heavy Asian accent while driving along the pirate ride, spinning ourselves silly on the tea cups, and watching the fireworks at the end.

All and all I really enjoyed myself even with the crowds, line cutting, and lack of sleep. It is disappointing to ask other people if they did anything memorable and all they say is they got drunk. I'm very glad I had the chance to go do the stuff I did with the people I was with.