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Sarge [userpic]

From the begining....

July 7th, 2003 (12:58 pm)

current mood: awake
current song: Chevil - Send the pain below

Okay, since I've been very tired the past few days I've posted I thought I would start from the begining and fill in some of the blank spots I've left.

28th - Went down to Laural and visited my Aunt there. She had just bought a huge house with plans to sell it but found out that it isn't that easy. She bought the house then things like the water heater blowing up and such started to take their toll on my elderly Aunt. I arrived and met with my Grandmother, Grandfather, two Uncles another aunt and three cousins and we had a very enjoyable day talking with eachother.

29th- Left Laurel and went to Billings at 7:30 to pick up my friend from michigan from the bus station. Picked her up and headed to Havre back to my apartment. She told me of her trip and gave several reasons why she would never ride again. Being hit on by Lesbians and talking to women that didn't shave must've been to much for her.

30th- Made it to Havre around twelve and we took a walk around to see the collage and verious neighborhoods around the town. Finally got back to the apartment around 2 am to get some sleep. Woke up at nine and headed to Great Falls to visit the Lewis and Clark museum there and visit the grave site of my grandfather. Went over to my Grandmothers and Grandfathers of my mothers side and visited with them for a short time before heading back to havre again.

1st- Hit the boarder around 10 and found out that you cannot have pepper spray in canada. Only the police are allowed to have it. That was interesting to say the least. Had a very nice day driving through canada and stopped in Brandon Saskatuwan to camp.

2nd- Left Brandon and headed east to Manatoba. I really don't like Manatoba. Can't use my radar detector (which has the safty alert on it) and speeds are reduced around 10 mph around there. That and the trees blocking the view most of the time made for a very clostraphobic experiance. Stopped at Thunderbay and had some Chinese food at "Mr. Chinese" inside we found that the people there had canadian flags all over and some very humourus signs including "I got some golf clubs for my wife, nice trade eh?" and "I'am being chased by a rake!" which was disected later for me in michigan as to mean slang for a Chinese person. I'm not sure of the meaning though. Outside my friend had to take a picture of the sign there showing a happy Chinese cook prepairing your food with a cleaver. Only it looked like a homicidal maniac that would be more then happy burying said cleaver into you body. Interesting.

3rd- Made it to Michigan via Ontario and passed over the toll bridge there to get to the U.S. Then we crossed over the Makina bridge to make it to Sagina. Then we had to get directions so we could make it to my friends apartment...lol.

4th- Went to Sandusky, Ohio to go to Ceder point and had a blast. Got there at four and went in at five and waited to ride the "Mantis" I was not impressed with the ride but had fun none the less. Among the other rides we rode was "The Mean Streak" which was more to my liking, faster then the Mantis but without the loops the Streak was of wooden construction instead of metal like the "Matis" the creaking and groaning of that coaster was awesome. Four more rides later we sat down to view the Laser/fireworks show that the park put on. Afterwards we found a campground and camped later that night.

5-6th - Just went over to my friends fathers and helped them put on an open house for her brother. Lit fireworks on the evening of the sixth.

7th- Today I intend to make a test run down to Canton to make sure I know where the library is and where a theater is so I can meet some friends on the 11th. Toodles.