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Sarge [userpic]

In search for more light (Mason Motto?)

July 6th, 2003 (12:10 am)

current mood: anxious
current song: 8 stops 7- Uninspired

Well, the past day has been interesting. Yesterday I made the trip to Ceder Point. Had a blast riding the "Mantis" and "The Mean Streak" among the other rides that I rode on. At the end of the day the park had a laser and firework show after the fire works at Sundusky, the town nearby, were over. After the laser/firework show I had the chance to get my face characterised by on of the artists that was at the park and got a pretty awesome picture out of the deal....lol, they sold me a 10 dollar frame for twenty bucks but it was all cool. I just hope I can get it back to montana so I can get it scanned and such to preserve it.

Today my friend and I went to cleveland to visit the Rock and Roll hall of fame. I was kinda dissipointed in going there as there was just too much information to obsorb in the short time that we had to be there so we missed a lot. Tommarrow my friends brother is having an open house to celebrate his graduation from highschool so it should be a cool day then on the next day I'm off driving again to make sure I know my way around the town that I told a couple other friends that I would meet them in in a week. Anyway, even though I'm dead tired from driving 5+ hours a day for a week you can probably tell that I'm having a blast. Take care and I'll talk to you people later.