Sarge (sarge104) wrote,

Good day for being me!

Last night I dug into the stash of goodies we stored for deployment and found a Betty Crocker Cinnamon Swirl cake mix, the time was then 0030 +8H (1200) which is fancy lingo for us being eight hours ahead of Greenwich Mean time. That is the set up, here's the pitch. What I didn't know was that the date was now July 30, 2007, I had just turned 26 years old and didn't know Birthday cake consumed, I turned over my watch and hit my rack a few hours later.

Popped out of my rack at revile (0600) to hear my name announced over the 1MC as one of the people that had birthdays, checked my watch and sure enough it was, surprise, surprise. Made my way to quarters and thanked the people that wished me Happy Birthday. Since I have night watch after quarters I hit my rack to get ready for the next watch and enjoy the day, nope, navy loves giving presents to b-day people, mine was berthing cleaners and two man overboard drill musters during the day so of course rack time was cut down to a few hours before watch. Luckily my birthday ends in four more hours so hopefully I miss a General Quarters drill ;).

“People sleep peacefully in their beds at night because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.” -George Orwell
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