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Sarge [userpic]

Nice place to visit...wouldn't want to live there though.

July 3rd, 2007 (01:30 am)
current location: Arabian Gulf
current song: Linkin Park - Kyre 4 the itch

My first day in Dubai allowed me to visit the Mall of the Emirates. Nice place, though I watched one of my friends loose their bank card in the atm. We shopped around and I bought most of the trinkets that I normally send back home. Ended the day with a meal at Hardee's(or Carl's Jr's depending on who is more stubborn). Noticed even when it got dark that the temperature stayed around eighty though.

Second day went to the water park, supposedly one of the best in the world, located under the shadow of one of the worlds only seven star hotels. It was enjoyable trying out the body boarding right off but I can truthfully say that if your life needed to be saved by me riding a body board I hope your proficient strumming a harp and flying with wings ;), three times I tried, three times I wiped out in a very none spectacular way. Other rides shot you up slides and through dark tunnels or cruising along slow moving currents. Tried the slide they had there that I'm pretty sure was three stories tall, it shot you down in a little under 7-10 seconds depending on your form. Got pretty sunburned but had an enjoyable experience. Ended the day with a meal at a smaller mall down the street from the water park, had Steak,potatoes, and fresh vegetables, while probably nothing new to you guys it was heaven on a plate for me after nearly sixty-three days at sea. I'll say this about ships food, it keeps you regular, regularly running to the toilet but regular none the less.

Third day was duty, was able to sleep until seven that night where I took the watch until the next morning. Thus leading to the forth day that started off with being relieved late (of course) and nearly missing the bus for the tour I had signed up for that day. Met up with a rather amenable tour guide by the water park and started off to the Museum of Islam, where there was no pressure to buy but if you fell in love with anything they could ship it to you in around three days...hrmmm. Very much enjoyed walking through and viewing pieces from around the east ranging from africa to Iran and China. Next we passed by one of the major Mosques, couldn't go in but the artcatectur was very cool. After that we passed by one of the palaces were one of the Emirate Sheiks lived, the long road we passed down had a lot of peacocks and the gate was topped by a statue of five horses that I managed to snap a picture of was we turned to go back. On our way to the next museum we passed by one of the "houses" for one of the wifes that the shiek had very beautiful estate that seemed to take a lot of workers to keep it up. The next museum was for the history of Dubai and showed how a simple fort out in the middle of nowhere grew in to a very modern city. Next we took a water taxi acrossed Dubai's "Creek" to the Spice Souk(Market). Met up with a store owner who showed off various herbs and spices like cinnamon, bay leaves, tea's, and viagra. The tour ended at on of the many jewelry shops where our intrepid adventurers tried their hands at bargaining for rings, watches, and ear rings.

The fifth and final day of liberty had me running to the IBM Mall over in Jubali. It was a very interesting design that made you think it was smaller then it actually was. As you approached one end you would find a small hallway that branched over to then next section of the mall and it was very easy to wander in circles and be not quite sure if you had been in that same area before. The day ended with a meal at an italian restaurant located at; you guessed it a mall by the hotel we had managed to procure for the night. It was so nice to be able to relax with a hot bath and a king sized bed. I only slept for four hours before having to get back to the ship but it was the most restful four hours I had ever had in my life.

If you ever get a chance to visit Dubai I strongly urge you to take the chance and check it out. A couple words of warning, make sure you bone up on rules and customs before you go in country(ex. cursing will get you in jail). Cabs are super cheap and the fair is per trip, not per person. Those of you not skilled in negotiation should stick to the metered taxies. It is very hot even at night so drink plenty of water. Other then those minor sticking points the people are very friendly and speak english. The city, like mentioned before, is very modern, so you will suffer for nothing during the trip.


Posted by: boiler1 (boiler1)
Posted at: July 3rd, 2007 01:59 am (UTC)

next port of call, do a cab race. in case you have forgotten what a cab race is, get to cabs, 3 squids go into one cab and three squids in the other. pay each cab driver $15(or whatever the going rate is) then offer an extra $15 dollars to the cab driver that gets to the destination first.

Posted by: Sarge (sarge104)
Posted at: July 3rd, 2007 06:18 pm (UTC)
Dubai's famous tipping buses

LOL! We actually did that the first day in Dubai except it was with the buses that we had rented to take us various places. Those guys were a tad insane but it was fun watching the wheels start to lift from the pavement on one side as the bus tipped a tad too far...lol. The payment was a meal though because the bus drivers were stuck driving the entire day. Naturally our bus won I think mainly because our driver was crazier ;).

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