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Sarge [userpic]

Charity and purse snatchings...

November 15th, 2006 (04:53 am)
current song: Hinder - Lips of an angel

<table width=500 style='border:1px solid black; background-color:white; color:black;'><tr><td><img src='http://triggur.org/dearsanta/santa.gif'><font size=6>Dear Santa...</font><br><br><b>Dear Santa,</b><br><br>This year I've been busy!<br><br>Last month I put money in <lj user="studyofme">'s expired parking meter <font size=-3 color=gray>(14 points)</font>.  In May I caught a purse-snatcher who stole <lj user="lord_aoshi">'s purse <font size=-3 color=gray>(30 points)</font>.  In February I punched <lj user="rebelsaiya_jin"> in the arm <font size=-3 color=gray>(-10 points)</font>.  In April <lj user="kiarafallan"> and I robbed a bank <font size=-3 color=gray>(-50 points)</font>.  In August I stole <lj user="ceri_eiluned">'s purse <font size=-3 color=gray>(-30 points)</font>.  <br><br>Overall, I've been <b>naughty</b> <font size=-3 color=gray>(-46 points)</font>.  For Christmas I deserve <b>a spanking</b>!<br><br><blockquote>Sincerely,<br>sarge104</blockquote></td></tr></table><br><form action='http://triggur.org/dearsanta/'>Write your letter to Santa!  Enter your LJ username:<input type=text name=uname size=20><input type=submit value='Write Santa!'></form>


The "gift" seems a double edged sword to me...lol!