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Sarge [userpic]

4 more days.

June 24th, 2003 (12:51 pm)

current mood: annoyed
current song: Double Drive - Imprint

Needless to say I am excited about leaving on the 28th. I'm currently looking at the desaster area that be my apartment and I'm quite shocked at how much carnage I can do in a week. All I had left was the bathroom last week and now I have all the rooms to clean again this week. The effort should pay off though for when I come back and actually have a clean apartment for at least two days...hehehe.

The past couple of days have been interesting. Last friday we had a hail storm that ripped through town. The high winds knocked down the paintball barriers that we had set up so on sunday we were not able to play paintball. Monday was just a lazy day. I cleaned the ferrets cage and then went and rented Star Trek: Nemises and Animatrix. I enjoyed Nemises but felt there was something missing from the movie but couldn't really pin point what it was. The animatrix was cool though I still need to see Matrix reloaded. Other then that I went and visited a friend and he rented Dracula two, Die another day, and Old school and we just vegged out the entire day. Well I'm off to start beating back the death and destruction of my apartment. Toodles.