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Sarge [userpic]


September 11th, 2006 (04:42 am)

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Today is a day that many in the United States look back with mixed feelings. September eleventh, two-thousand one marks a day that many thought would never happen again. Many alive still remembered the shocking moment that lead to the nation plunging into the second world war. The day the Japanese struck Pearl Harbor in a calculated attempt to bring the Pacific fleet to its knees awakened a terrible anger in the American people. The end result culminated its self on board the Mighty Mo, the battleship Missouri, the surviving symbol of the attack that lead our nation into war.

Many regard the twin towers in much the same way, a symbol that brought to bare the combined arms of many countries in a struggle that continues today. The struggle to finally put an end the fear brought by terrorist attacks against all people. This broad view serves many as a bulwark to continue the fight against an enemy that not only attacks with guns and bombs but also uses human beings lives as a tool to continue its reign of terror against any who do not subscribe to its ideals.

This post isn’t about the war though, it’s not even about the enemy that our countries armed forces fight day to day in a struggle that can only mean one thing…the annihilation of one side or the other. It’s about that fateful day that came to bring this struggle about. It is also about a hero that struggled against the foe of time to do his job and save the lives of those he swore to serve and protect. He was doing a job that received little thanks to help protect not only the lives of his wife and child but of the citizenry of New York. This is my tribute to Christopher Charles Amoroso. A man that I will never met but will try and serve to my up most to honor his memory.

Christopher Amoroso always wanted to be a hero. His job in the Port Authority represented this wish, at 0522 the morning of the attack his wife woke in time to watch her loved one walk out the door and toward the fateful moment that would fulfill his dream of protecting the lives of people that had fallen into distress. His actions that day would save the lives of many who would otherwise had perished in the collapsing debris.

A caring man who enjoyed playing with his newborn daughter, Amoroso responded to the call that would take the lives of many of New York’s police officers and firemen. His quick actions lead many to safety even while the building came down around him. He didn’t hesitate to go back in search for others even though it meant giving his own life. A man who wished to be a hero, given to him in one of the most shocking moments of our nations history.

My words are a poor choice to represent a man who is a hero. A letter published by the New York Times illuminates the soul of the man that dashed back into the building that would take his life in the struggle to protect his fellow countrymen. A letter given to his daughter to tell her how much he loved her:

"Sometimes it makes me cry, as I am overwhelmed by the joy I've been given by you and your mother. I want you to know that I consider myself the luckiest man to ever walk the face of this earth. If anything were to happen to me, I could honestly say I've known true love and happiness in my life. I've known that because of your mother and now you."

This is my tribute.
This is also a reason to continue the fight.
This is something that all should take to heart.