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Sarge [userpic]

San Diego trip :)

August 20th, 2006 (01:34 pm)

current mood: accomplished
current song: The guess who - secret agent man

For the last two weeks I've been in San Diego taking classes to become more proficient in my job. The first day was spent mainly getting things together and ready for the week, ironing sucks.

For the next week myself and the people I work with on the ship were tested with various scenarios to test our ability to analyze, prioritize, and distribute the information given us to another group of people that had to do various jobs with the information given. The tests were rapid but fun to do, afterwards we did our touristy things about San Diego. We visited the various naval museums there including the Star of India, the ship used in Master and Commander and a Russian sub. We also got a chance to visit a carrier that was undergoing refit. The carrier was a great experience because it was my first chance to see how truly massive those ships are. To give you a brief image comparison I normally spend about 10 minutes in line and eat in a mess deck about the size of two studio apartments put together, the carrier has an entire deck about the length of my destroyer dedicated to meals and they still stand in line around an hour or more. Another thing is the p-ways (aka hallways), you can look down the p-way and not see the end, quite the experience.

The second week we did scenarios we didn't work with any other people and the information came much faster but was just as fun especially after we got out. My girlfriend managed to take some vacation and we got to to to sea world and a few restaurants before she had to head back. I also got to go hiking with my co-workers, visited old town, putted around in go-karts, and went geocaching. All and all a very enjoyable experience!