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Sarge [userpic]

Shoot, look, Shoot

May 27th, 2006 (06:13 pm)

current location: Pearl Harbor
current mood: listless
current song: Linkin Park - In the End

Must Clicky!!!

There was a merry little man (Not to be confused with Robin Hood ;))

Who thought he had the perfect plan (Doh, two brain cells, friction, much smoke through ears)

Imagine his surprise (You know the saying, don't say "oops", say "Ah, interesting.)

When he found there was no prize. (Curse you; Maker of cracker jacks!)

So he joined the service to fufill family honor and glory (1420's we marched with King George II. Protected the Christian pilgrims and have been serving in various capacities since.)

To serve a country still deep in mourning. (More to be said on this later...)

To take back what was lost (Though those lives can not be brought back they can be honored by bringing those that did the crime to justice.)

He would pay the cost (Even though bullets may fly the pain of being separated from loved ones hurts more.)

So I will sail early in the morning.

(Okay, about the mourning line. I once saw a cartoon that depicted New York before the tragedy. The buildings were unadorned and plain. The second picture showed the buildings coated with the colors. This is confusing, we as a nation had not seen enemy action on our soil since the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. It took some hard liner to take his life and the lives of hundreds of americans to pull us together again. Now I see that we are pulling apart once more. What is more disturbing is the fact that we still remain vulnerable. Not much change has happened even as the war continues. I just find this very confusing, to live a normal life is one thing but to leave yourself vulnerable to enemy action is inexcusable. I acknowledge the mistakes we made during the second world war but at least we didn't let our guard down till we solved the problem.)

Just a bit of a poem that has been running circles in my head this evening...