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Sarge [userpic]

Some amusement, no offence intended.

December 22nd, 2005 (11:54 pm)
current song: cold - end of the world

They definately had some strange questions...

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1) Is lord_aoshi 1337? I'm not sure
2) Did celticdusk break up with you? didn't have relationship
3) jiro_yamada's hair color? I think black
4) What would teh_kei think of kiarafallan? I don't think they've met
5) Has lord_aoshi been to your house/dorm? nope
6) Does arshes smoke? I would if I was her...lol
7) Would teh_kei and misha_z look good together? *Grins*
8) How long have you known lord_aoshi? few years from the chat
9) What word best describes teh_kei? Shiney!
10) Do you have a crush on misha_z? Always!
11) What is yellowdolphin's favorite food? anything except h2o
12) How would teh_kei kill jiro_yamada? yep
13) What is celticdusk's favorite movie? Samurai X
14) If goddesscyn had a superpower, what would it be? To mesmerize people with her eyes
15) What song/movie would you recommend to studyofme? Song: The Kim Band-What a Drag!, Movie: The Professional
16) Would lord_aoshi and kiarafallan make a good couple? sure
17) Does rebelsaiya_jin have a dog? Now she does
18) Is goddesscyn dead sexy? *Drools*
19) When did you last call lord_aoshi? never
20) If goddesscyn and celticdusk were siamese twins, where would they be joined? in the most amusing place
21) Is jiro_yamada an emo? If he put his mind to it...heheh
22) Would you set up jiro_yamada and misha_z? with that pail of crud above the door trick, yep!
23) What would studyofme give lord_aoshi for his/her birthday? something he likes
24) What is studyofme's biggest flaw? she never sees the sun!
25) Could you see jiro_yamada and yellowdolphin together? much scareyness
26) Does ceri_eiluned go to your school? nope
27) Is lord_aoshi a college student? he could be
28) How many monkeys could arshes fight at once and win against? depends if they were rabid or not.
29) What is rebelsaiya_jin's shoe size? good question
30) Is kiarafallan related to you? I don't think so
31) What video game does goddesscyn remind you of? Half life
32) What would you do if ceri_eiluned died? ask if I could have her stereo. '_-
33) How would ceri_eiluned conquer the world? through hard work and dedication
34) How long would jiro_yamada dating rebelsaiya_jin last? till she killed him
35) What is kiarafallan allergic to? work :)
36) Would you wrestle goddesscyn in jello? where's the pit?
37) Is kiarafallan athletic? in getting to the car on a cold morning, yep.
38) Does teh_kei have a crush on goddesscyn? don't we all?
39) Would teh_kei go out with kiarafallan? sure
40) Do you have goddesscyn's screenname? uh, yah
41) Which president would jiro_yamada be likely to idolize? clinton
42) Thoughts on goddesscyn? smart, cute, naughty ;)
43) Where was ceri_eiluned born? UK
44) Where was lord_aoshi born? US
45) One quality you find attractive in celticdusk? Hair
46) Is goddesscyn popular? sure
47) Where would yellowdolphin most like to visit? Hawaii
48) What languages does lord_aoshi speak? a mixture of english and 1337 lol
49) What do you disagree with lord_aoshi about? anything
50) Are jiro_yamada and ceri_eiluned going out? nope
51) Does kiarafallan do drugs? nope
52) Would studyofme be a better ninja or pirate? ninja, they rock sox
53) Is lord_aoshi your best friend? don't know him enough
54) If jiro_yamada and celticdusk were spliced together, what would be its name? something strange
55) What planet should arshes be from? venus
56) What is jiro_yamada's favorite game? not sure
57) Where did you first meet teh_kei? online
58) Have you ever dated kiarafallan? nope
59) Does misha_z know arshes? yep
60) If misha_z took over the world, who would suffer? heheheh, anything and everything
61) Is jiro_yamada a nerd? if he put his mind to it
62) What would rebelsaiya_jin do differently in your shoes? get blisters probably
63) Are jiro_yamada and celticdusk going steady? it could happen
64) Do misha_z and jiro_yamada go to the same school? nope
65) Is misha_z introverted or extroverted? both?
66) Is studyofme friends with lord_aoshi? not to my knowlage
67) Has goddesscyn dyed their hair? probably
68) Is jiro_yamada related to celticdusk? nope
69) If studyofme and lord_aoshi were spliced together, what would it be like? something crunk that is for sure
70) Do you think misha_z is hot? you betcha!
71) What mental disorder does rebelsaiya_jin remind you of? stress disorder
72) What do you agree with jiro_yamada about? eh, depends on how hyper I am
73) If yellowdolphin commanded an army, who would be his/her followers? rabid chipmunks
74) arshes's eye color? brown?
75) What comic book character would lord_aoshi be? Captain America
76) What animal should studyofme be combined with? Shunk ;)
77) What animal does goddesscyn remind you of? Siren
78) One thing you can't stand about kiarafallan? don't have a dislike
79) What is celticdusk's favorite color? red
80) What exotic animal would kiarafallan like as a pet? dragon
81) What flavor of jello would rebelsaiya_jin be? sparkeling grape
82) If rebelsaiya_jin took over the world, who would be happy? cats everywhere
83) What color should yellowdolphin dye their hair? Neon Yellow
84) Does yellowdolphin travel a lot? not really
85) Is misha_z in a relationship? yep
86) If goddesscyn were hanging off a cliff, what would teh_kei do? point and laugh
87) How tall is kiarafallan? about this high
88) What rank would arshes have in a giant robot army? artist
89) Would you make out with rebelsaiya_jin? only if she cleaned my apartment first :P
90) Would you ever date rebelsaiya_jin? see above :P
91) What is ceri_eiluned's favorite band/artist? couldn't tell you
92) What would you do if you found out misha_z has a crush on you? wonder what trick god was going to do next.
93) Does ceri_eiluned have a big secret? we all do
94) If arshes was a superhero, who would be his/her archnemesis? Rabid ninja rodents
95) Is kiarafallan single? could be
96) Is teh_kei a high school student? sure
97) Does yellowdolphin drink? affermitive
98) Are lord_aoshi and ceri_eiluned married? if they are they maintain a long distance relationship
99) Which of your friends should ceri_eiluned go out with? I think she has that handled already
100) Have you flirted with yellowdolphin? nope