May 8th, 2013

Fate Stay Night

Online again soon

One more month and I should be back online and I will definitely do my best to bring my DeviantArt account and this account up to date. I'm sure my friends on BSG online will also love to see another cylon to shore up their ranks as the server seems to be over run with colonials, silly meat bags, afraid to play the entire game and leave their herds of perceived safety.

Anyway, off that tangent I hope to do a couple of trips this summer. One trip will be in state and the other should be California. More details soon to come! :D On another tangent I was able to hold a yard sale last week and had a good time despite becoming mildly sunburned. Was able to sell many of my apartment items I've been holding in storage and I had fun talking to the people that came by. I was surprised that not that many people haggled, I must've priced items too low or the items where in such demand that the price wasn't much of a hindrance.
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