December 8th, 2008

Majin Vegetta


<a href="">Unfortunately for you, there are others who don’t believe the same way that you do, and would happily kill you.

Fortunately for you, there’s a murderer like me standing in their way. </a>



 Just got done with going through six hours of drills, the Burger King meal I just ate is making me very uncomfortable, one of the fingers that got jabbed with the light bulb is hurting quite a bit, my joints seem to complain every time I move, and I have the 12am-4am watch. Tomorrow is going to be a rough one... 

Just got done reading the post related to the above quote and the rebuttal the kid sent in response. Sad thing is I see a lot of that anti-war sentiment when I go home for leave as well. Even some Montanans think that we need to pull out from the seemingly unsolvable situations we've fought our way into these past years. I'd like to think I can understand why they feel this way but then I see what happens when these people we fight against have their way. I'm sorry, I cannot stand by and allow those that cannot defend themselves be slaughtered while I relax and play half a world away. Short and simple, another quote.

"When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an un-pitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle."                              ~Edmund Burke

I do not do this because it is noble (I will always remember the children I've helped that I couldn't even talk to), I don't expect to be thanked for it (Though countless times this happens). I continue despite the resistance and pressures put on me by family and even some of my friends, I continue despite the dangers of facing down an enemy who is willing to die themselves to kill me. I do it because it must be done and I am still ready and able to do it so that others do not have to.


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