August 5th, 2008

Majin Vegetta

Speed limit 35, even when posted otherwise...

Good news about my leave time, they allowed me to go from my home to San Diego. I'm glad I don't have to return to Oahu just to turn around and go back to the states.

Had the chance to go to the beach recently with some friends. Did a bit of snorkeling and threw the football around for a while during the day. Heheheh, I managed to cover up most of the way with sunscreen but I still managed to get a spot in the middle of my back burned, made it fun to pt during the week ;).

My new vehical has been put through some tests and came out beautifully. 600 miles later I am happy I went through with the purchase of the Exterra and it's helped a lot in getting around the island in a timely manner. It took me three years to figure out the bus system Partly because we are never here long enough for me to experiment.

Geocaching has been put on hold during my repairs on the rental house on island and my search for a home in Montana. I hope to continue while on leave and get my 200th geocache! 175, twenty five to go...:D
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