March 2nd, 2008

Majin Vegetta

South Korea Part II

The day started with the original problem of getting cash, luckily this time we were able to go to the same bank we tried last time and the atm's worked, problem solved, moving on. We needed to get away from the small town that we were in so talked to a cabbie about heading over to the bus station but instead used the cab to go out to Unification Plaza.

Unification Plaza was pretty cool to go to, first up was the North Korean sub that had been washed up on the shore during an infiltration mission. As we headed over we noticed people wearing safety hats and walking around the sub, this raised the obvious question and soon we had our answer...The sub it's self seemed to be made for dwarves. Even the Koreans that streamed through had to double over to get through; and you could almost make out a tune with all the safety helmets clanging on the ceiling.

Next up was the Frigate, took a lot of pictures of this as well as we went about and crawled through the ship. It was fun to compare the differences between current ships and old. Most of the information provided had no translation so luckily our own experiences aboard ship helped us piece together what was being described. It would’ve been interesting to be able to read some of the naval history that was being displayed but what was translated gave enough to get us through.

Came out of the plaza just in time to catch the bus to Gangneung to grab some more good food and donuts! It was pretty funny to watch one of my liberty buddies try and inhale the donuts and get powdered sugar all over themselves. Quick note when going to a restaurant in Korea, if you want something you must ask, Koreans are much more direct in their dealings with one another then you would normally expect. Saying the English equivalent to “Hey You.” Isn’t considered impolite, it is expected.

While out and about I even had a chance to stop for a geocache. Of course the people I was with hadn’t done any geocaching before so the experience was something new for all since I had the unenviable task of retrieving the container out from a very busy area full of people who love to stare at any “round eyes” that happen to come around, just so happened that the geocache was located at a bus terminal so that made it even more exciting to make the find. Did a photo op with all of the geocoins and travel bugs that I had in my back pack and then had fun replacing the geocache so that we could continue on. Quick aftermath on logging all the TB’s and TC’s, had a few people email me back saying how nice it was to see their items taken so far away. Of course I have a few more stops ahead of me so it should be interesting doing even more logs in the future before finally dropping them off at a proper geocache.

Another cab ride took us to the market place were everything seemed to be on sale. It could be live, dead, or electronic, it was there. Problem being the hodge pogg nature of it all made trying to look for what you wanted interesting. After a few hours of walking around and looking at things we boarded the bus back and stopped for some more good food, this time scarfing down some sushi (I know it’s not called that in Korea), and some dumplings in broth.

Lots and lots of pictures and now I have to go through and resize some to get them out when I get a hold of a healthy internet connection. Should be fun.
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