November 25th, 2004

Majin Vegetta


Just an update to the previous post and some misc stuff...

Worked today, double time and a half is really nice. Having to answer the same three questions every three minutes though wasn't. Met with my mother and a few of the family afterward. My aunt isn't looking to well, kemo isn't treating her very well. It does a lot to a person and I'm sorry that this happened to someone like my aunt. She's such a nice person and for her to have to go though this sucks majorly.

Anyway, some clarification on my earlier post about the goals.

CIA: I'm young, inexperienced, stuck in a rut. Going this path would allow me to travel the world, become a global influence, and learn more then just staying in one place would ever allow me. Using this knowledge I would be able to help people not only in this country (via improving our nations security) but I would be helping the people of other countries. There are a lot of individuals out there that would not think twice about committing butchery against their fellow human beings. My goal would be to make it as difficult as possible to do such things and to make them consider the consiquences of such actions.

Coast Guard: The problems are the same as above. Going this path would allow me to do something I feel strongly about. Halt the flow of illegil substances into our country. Limited travel and limited education would be balanced out by the fact that I'm doing something that improves the chances of people I will never know. I wouldn't be able to keep them from going down the wrong path but I would be doing my best to reduce the temptation.

I started out thinking that making a better computer I could change something for the better. I threw myself into this goal. I've come to realize this wasn't what I wanted. I need a challenge. Something so large that even if I fail I know that I would've done everything possible to make it happen. My goal of becoming a computer engineer seems too simple. It has many difficulties associated with it but none of them give me any satisfaction when I finally overcome them. Something is wrong with that. So, I've made a difficult decision. After training from the navy I will apply for one or both of the above services. Prove myself and do something that I will be satisfied with even if it seems nearly impossible. That's something that feels right. Now just to get off my butt an do something about it.
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