November 19th, 2004

Majin Vegetta

Long time no speak

Well, it's been a bit since I posted. To say I've had internet with drawls is a little understated. I'm surprised to find out that keeping my hotmail account has paid off to the song of 250 megs. I have had that account a little over eight years and witnessed the shrinking of services more and more. I'm relieved I don't have to monitor it every week just to kill junk mail.

To my friends I must say hello and hope that this message reaches you. Many of you I've not had much contact with since I've started getting so involved with my job and the navy. I hope that those that I've not had a chance to talk to are still well and I hope to speak with you soon.

My job is still going well. I've been working with two excellent people and even though we are understaffed we've managed to hit the top five in both movie sales (3) and photo services (2) for the company in our division. This makes me happy but also makes me a tad mad because the top boss that oversees our division continues to rip us one side and down the other because we are not able to do things that fully staffed stores are able to do...well DUH!!!

I've continued with my college as well and now only have two electronics classes and another graduate class to complete my degree. I'm so stoked to find myself at the end of a road many of my family never even tried. Though the slow pace that this road has taken is a test of my patients. I only hope I've not taken more then I can chew with my long term goals.

Speaking of long term goals, comments are more then welcome on this one. I intend to finish college before joining the navy. After going through basic training I will strive to be in the top of my class in order to go to the "A" school which will be in florida. I'm not too sure I'll like it there because of the heat and humidity but it should be an experience non-the-less. Getting through the Navy enlistment I will endevour to get as much education as possible from the schools that are available though I need more information on the types of schools I should go through for my next goals. Which will be either a job with the CIA or drug interdiction with the Coast Guard.

Some of my reasons for going for either of these two final goals. CIA is a dream for me. Going out and seeing the world and defending this country against its enemies is will be a continuation from my navy duties. Plus the opportunities offered by the CIA will be much more then any other job I could take anywhere else.

Failing a posting to a CIA job I hope to get a job with the Coast Guard. One of the reasons for this is I see many people complaining about the uselessness of our drug enforcement policy's and the people that do that job day in and day out. One more person may not help but it will be interesting to help out with drug interdiction after I've had to chance to study the new systems they employ.

Well, as you can probably tell I'm getting tired so I shall hit the sack. Take care all and hope to talk to you all soon.
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