August 5th, 2004

Majin Vegetta

career choice.

First things first. Personal life is going okay, gf and I are doing well. I've paid off my car and enjoy running all over the state with it...heheh. Apartments a mess, I need to get it cleaned up for when I have company in the near future they are not stepping over paintball equipment and the like.

I've decided to throw in with the navy. I know in the past I've said that I want to something more then go to war and kill people but the world is and always shall be a dangerous place. My job with the Navy will be Cryptographic Technition. It basicly means I will get all the info from people and condense it into english for the marines ;). Quite a few things convinced me to join so it wasn't something impulsive.

First off I get paid to go to class instead of the other way around. Secondly the job is guarented unlike some of the other services. Thirdly I don't have to pay to live somewhere and don't have to worry about health insurance and dental. A few other things are more idealogical at best but I'll list them anyway. My family name harkens back to the Scottish templars that protected the christians from harm on their journeys. They also fought with the king to take back the holy lands after they were invaded by the muslims. It seems like everytime I trace my family line back I see this family going into the service and doing great things. Another thing is September 11th. I was sickened to know that our agencys couldn't pull their heads out of their asses and do the job they are paid to do. Because of that a lot of innocent people died and continue to die. One of the options I have after I'm trained and get through my first go-through is a chance to work with the CIA. I'm definatly going to try for it if I can find a place I think I can do some good. I can't stand by and let things happen like 9/11. The Navy job sounded like a good start on a life that would make sure those things didn't happen again.

On a lighter side, last tues was a great day for me. A few friends from work came togeather and we played a few games of paintball. I had just bought my A-5 and it was my first time out with it. The feeling was incredible I was definatly the domanite force on the field. What skill I lacked the marker made up for in sheer fire power. The day ended early but I went home with a few bruises and a smile in the end.