June 23rd, 2004

Chased By Rake

Kicking back...

Tried to go see my father yesterday since I had to work on fathers day but before I got more then a few miles from my mothers I recieved a message on my phone that he wouldn't be able to see me that day. This after making sure that he would be home after six that day and making the half the 150 mile trip. It wouldn't have been so bad if he hadn't been doing this for most of my life.

Anyway, went through with the trip because my mother had wanted a few things and did a bit of shopping myself but didn't get anything though I did have my eye on one of the dvds on my wish list at Hastings. The Voice of a Distant Star sounds like a chick flick but its got some cool mecha in it so I was going to buy it and maybe review it for anipike. I should've gotten it when I saw it because I checked Discountanimedvd and saw that they had it for a dollar more. I'm kinda thinking that is how they can do free shipping but I need to do some more checking on that regard.

It's come as an interesting shock to know what people have been thinking of me these past months. Like I said I was taken off balance by the comment that Jen gave me and now I've had several of my friends and not quite friends tell me how they are impressed by my compassion, dedication, or fairness. I guess all I can say right now is thanks people, my head is a little too big for my body right now ;).

Things are still going well for me and Jen. She left for Hawaii last Saterday and will be in Long Beach till Wedsday until her and her family can catch the plane. I've called her a few times since she's arrived and she seems to be having fun.

Damn, I'm so close to getting my car I can taste it. I'll be so glad to get it back. My mother has turned it into one big ash tray and I'm more then a little pissed about that. Fortunetly I've found some plates for the car and payment has been arranged. Now its just going to take a couple months to get the out house smell out of the car.
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